Top 10 Chinese Foods Everyone Will Love

Chinese food is famous for its colors, aromatic flavors and the variety of its regional cuisines and ingredients.  Here we selected the 10 most popular Chinese food recipes to please your tongue and stomach, all these foods are easy to make at home.

1. Red-Braised Pork 红烧肉

chinese Red-Braised PorkRed-braised pork is one of the most common Chinese dishes. The ingredients are very simple just with some belly pork and seasonings that may include sugar, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine and spices. You can serve the pork with rice, noodles and daikon. This dish tastes even better the next day.

2. Fried Peanuts 油炸花生米

Fried PeanutsThis delicious snack is quick and easy to make. Peanuts are stir fried with oil, until golden and then mixed with spicy tangy seasoning. In China the salty, spicy fried peanuts are usually served as a side dish or snack.

3.  Braised Tofu 红烧豆腐

braised tofuTofu has always been a regular and popular staple in China. Medium or soft tofu are braised in a simple, flavorful mixture of soy sauce and sugar, with some chopped scallion pieces added at the end.

4. Cucumber with soybean paste 黄瓜蘸酱

Cucumber with Soybean PasteJust chop one or two cucumbers into pieces and prepare yellow soybean paste, that`s it.

5. Roast Duck 烤鸭

Peking DuckThe roasted duck can cut down drastically on the amount of fat in the duck. Usually you will eat the sliced roast duck served with soybean paste, shredded cucumber and spring onion and thin pancake. The most famous roast duck is Peking duck.

6.  Chinese Mitten Crab 大闸蟹

Chinese Mitten CrabThis dish is made from Chinese Mitten Crab (or named hairy crab), one sort of the freshwater crab in China. Steaming is the most classical way to cook it. Steamed crabs take on an orange color and taste fresh and delicious.

7. Chicken soup 鸡汤

chicken soupA big pot of chicken soup is popular around China. Typical Chinese chicken soup is made from old hens and is seasoned with ginger, scallions, black pepper, soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. The soup is then boiled for hours on slow fire and they do taste good and soothing.

8. Potato with vinegar flavor 醋溜土豆丝

Potato with vinegar flavourThis dish is one of the popular home-style dishes in China; it tastes salty, sour and crisp. It is simple to cook but needs patience and skill to shred all of the ingredients. Potato with vinegar flavor can help lower blood pressure and prevent blockages in the arteries.

9. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes 西红柿炒鸡蛋

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes2Scrambled egg with tomato is probably the most common dish that you can see on dinner tables in every family in China. This dish tastes especially fresh with an original taste and flavor.

10. Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork 鱼香肉丝

Fish-Flavored Shredded PorkFish-Flavored Shredded Pork is an eye-catching, colorful dish that tastes sweet, sour, salty, sweet, fresh and delicious.  Actually there’s absolutely not a whit of fish or anything fishy in this dish. It’s called that because it uses a mix of flavors and aromatics that are commonly used in seafood dishes.

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