Top 10 Attractions In China

As one of the world’s economic giants, China does not gain its fame just from its economic prowess, but also from the fact that it has a rich history and cultural diversity. From amazing architectural designs such as the Forbidden City in Beijing to the beauty that is West Lake’s landscape, China has numerous attractions to show off. There are those that are an embodiment of China’s rich history and culture and these are;

1. The Great Wall of China

the Great Wall of China

Even for somebody who has very little information about China, this wall, ranked as the longest wall in the world at over 5000 kilometers long cannot escape that person’s knowledge about China. Stretching from China’s western frontier to the east coast, the Great Wall was built to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire. It is no wonder then that it gained ranks in the New 7 wonders of the world and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. The Potala Palace

Potala Palace

The 14 stories tall, 1000 roomed palace used to be a winter palace of the Dalai Lamas before they fled to India. This palace located in Lhasa is the symbol of Tibet. The rooms and walls of this palace tell the tale of the Tibetan history, religion, culture and art. Occupying its massive space are sculptures, scriptures, murals antiques, Buddhist statues, religious jewelry among other antiques that will deepen the understanding to the Tibetan Buddhism.

3. The Forbidden City

forbidden city

No building fully expresses the ancient Chinese architecture than the 8000 roomed city elegantly designed with golden roofs painted in red and yellow. Once known as the Palace City, where ordinary people were forbidden entry, the Forbidden City in Beijing was the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties for over five centuries, housing twenty-four emperors in that time. It is no wonder then that it is one of the five most important places in the world.

4. The Terracotta Army

Terracotta army

Found in Xian in Shaanxi province are 8000 life-sized models of warriors in their battle armor in order of their ranks who triumphed over all other Chinese armies and were the reason for the unifying of China. Along with these are over 100 chariots and over 500 horses depicting a whole army. This World Cultural heritage was accidentally discovered by farmers who were digging out a well and though faded by age, the view offered by this once great army creates a deep sense of respect for the army itself and those who made their simulation as none of the faces look alike.

5. The Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

This is the deepest container port in the world and is ever busy being in one of the biggest cities in China. This harbor provides an amazing view of the skyscrapers that grace the skies of Hong Kong Island on one side and the Tsim Sha Tsui on the other. Daytime or night time, the view from Victoria Park is breathtakingly beautiful making the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong one major attraction in China.

6. The Li River

Guilin Li River

Guilin Li River

The eighty-three kilometer stretch of Li River in Guangxi Province provides an artistic view. The beautiful karst landscape has over the years since time immemorial captured the eyes of artists who have painted this beautiful scenery. Surrounded by rolling hills, cliffs, farming villages and lined with bamboo groves, the Li River, and its surrounding is a sight to behold as it is nature at its most beautiful and natural state where people looking for rest, peace and meditation.

7. Mount Huang


Famously known as the Yellow Mountains, this mountain range in eastern China is a sight that cannot be missed. It is famous for its beautiful sunrises. Along with this are the seas of clouds that can be seen when within the ranges. The rocks forming the ranges are oddly shaped, adding to the beauty of this mountain as well as the twisted pine trees gracing its slopes. It is one of the most famous peaks in China, hence a major attraction.

8. West Lake

West Lake

The six-kilometer square of water stretch of water in the heart of Hangzhou City, Capital of Zhejiang province is surrounded by numerous hills, pagodas, ancient temples and splendid historical sites providing a beautiful landscape in the city. The beauty of this landscape has earned it the name Paradise on Earth.

9. The Bund

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund, Shanghai

Translated as an embankment, the Bund shows off the architectural symbols of Shanghai. The colonial European buildings which came up in the 18th century and the skyscrapers which came thereafter, provide a beautiful, attractive site for this amazing city in China.

10. Giant Pandas

Giant Panda

These huge fluffy animals are loved by everyone including adults. Though they can be found in many places, many of them can be seen in Chengdu which has been dubbed their hometown. Pandas are animals associated with China, hence a great attraction.

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