10 interesting facts about China as an economic powerhouse

A two-decade long run has catapulted the Chinese economy to amazing heights. It is said China will will become new economic powerhouse in the next few years. And China has always been the topic of much conversation world wide. Let`s review China from the following 10 interesting facts to see how China’s economy has reached incredible scale.

1. Artificial christmas trees

China is not only the world’s largest textile producer, but also a leader in Christmas tree manufacturing industry. 85% of the world’s artificial Christmas trees are made in China.

2. Pig-keeping Empire

China is not only the most populous country in the world, but also a counry with the biggest number of pigs. United Nation`s 2008 data shows that in 2008, there were 446.4 million pigs in China, more than the total of other 43 countries.

3.Daily smoking

Chinese people light 50,000 cigarettes per second. The WHO said the number of smokers in China is constantly increasing in the past few years, 66 percent of Chinese men smoke at least one cigarette a day.

4 “Ghost Towns” spread all over the country

In recent years, China carried out large number of constructions including rural areas. And “ghost town” also appears in many places. It is estimated there are more than 64 million vacant apartments around the country.

5. Lonely McDonald

South China Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, should have 1,500 stores, but in fact 99% of the shops are still vacant at present, only a small number of restaurants, including McDonald’s can be found there.

6. Construction boom continues

China still make great efforts to carry out construction. The result is that there is no country consumes so much cement than China, 53% of the global demand for cement is from China.

7. Barbie dolls are too sexy

Chinese are either high on building houses or produce textiles and toys, such as Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. Nearly 70% of the toys in the world are from China. However, Chinese people rarely buy Barbie, because blond Barbies are too sexy for them. In China the market manily sell cute Barbie dolls.

8. There are tens of millions of Christians in China

In this Confucian-and-atheists-dominated country. There are about 19 ​​million Christians according to the 2008 figure.

9. Rapid development

In 2010, China overtook Japan to become the second largest economy, Chinese people today have 4 times of wealth than that of 10 years ago.

10. Everything is under control

Giant companies in China are all controlled by the state including Petro China and the Bank of China. Business managers and government are closely linked.

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  1. David Hunt says:

    It is a real estate bubble, I know of people who have invested in 20+ houses, their value keeps on increasing as more people invest, the problem is, no-one is living in the properties. I was involved in a very similar situation in Spain look what happened to that…

  2. Joseph Miller says:

    I’ve never seen so much new construction as I did in China. I hope this is not a real estate bubble building. I look forward to seeing your country again in a few years, and how it will have changed.

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