The 10 Most Beautiful Chinese TV Hosts

Many people like watching TV shows, one important reason is because this kind of program is very interesting and entertaining. Of course if the hostess is beautiful and sexy, people will love the program more. Here is a list of  the top 10 Chinese TV hosts who have the perfect blend of smarts, charm and beauty.

1. Dong Qing (董卿)

Dong Qing, born in Shanghai in 1973, is one of the most well-known CCTV hosts around the country. Early in her career she worked in Zhejiang TV, Shanghai Oriental TV and finally worked in the national CCTV from may of 2002, charing various TV shows like “Happy China”,   “CCTV Spring Festival Gala” and other hot programs, She is considered one of the most beautiful, smart and elegant TV hosts in the country.

2. Yuan Ming (袁鸣)

Yuan Ming, born in 1971 in Shanghai, began her hosting career from Shanghai Oriental TV after graduating in 1993. After decades of hosting experience, she formed her highly distinct personal hosting style – friendly, sweet, natural and lively, with a refined taste. Her versatility enables her to host all most all kinds of programs well.

3. Shen Xing (沈星)

Shen Xing is regarded as one of the most beautiful Chinese television hostesses. Her good looks have lured many males to switch channels from sports to her popular cooking program. Shen, who works for Phoenix Television, was labeled in her earlier career as a “flower vase”, but she finally proves that she has more for audience than just a pretty face.

4. Wang Xiaoya (王小丫)

Wang Xiaoya was born in Sichuan Province in 1968, she graduated from well-known Sichuan University and once worked as a newspaper reporter. She then started to work in national CCTV from 1997 and became a household name for TV show “Happy Dictionary“. She is one of the best TV hosts in China.

5. Patty Hou (侯佩岑)

Patty Hou, born in 1977 in Taipei, is a famous news anchor, TV hostess and actress. She was promoted the position of a news anchor after being a trainee reporter at Taiwan Television for two years since 2011. Her famous TV show named “Entertainment Asia” has aired for over eight years.

6. Jessey Meng (孟广美)

Jessey Meng, born in Taiwan in 1967, is a famous model, hostess and actress. Her well-known TV programs include the talk show “Qiangqiang San Ren Xing” and entertainment show “Phoenix Tonight” on Phoenix TV. With hot figure and pretty face, she is always regarded as one of the  sexiest TV hostess in the country.

7. Liu Yan (柳岩)

Liu Yan, or Ada Liu, born in 1980 in Hunan Province, is one of the most hot female TV hosts in China. Liu Yan is nicknamed the “sexiest female anchor in China” for her hot figure and unique personality. As she often wear bold and revealing dress, she has become a “topic king” and always the focus of many entertainment reports.

8. Li Sisi (李思思)

Born in 1986 in northeast China’s Changchun city, Li Sisi is a famous a young fresh hostess in CCTV. At present she is the most popular hostess the national CCTV and chairs programs such as ” Hui Sheng Liao Liang” She also join the hosting team of 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

9. Dee Hsu (徐熙娣)

Dee Hsu, born in 1978, usually known as Xiao S or Little S,  is a Taiwanese actress, singer and host. She co-host the hot TV program “KangXi Lai Le which” with fellow host Kevin Tsai and the program may be the most popular entertainment TV shows among youth audience. Her bold and direct hosting style makes she become a topic king in entertainment circle.

10. Tu Jingwei ( 涂经纬)

Born in 1980 in south China’s Guiyang city, Tu Jingwei is a famous hostess of CCTV Movie Channel. She has been presided the movie channel 6 program “Chinese Film Report” since 2003. Her cordial and generous hosting style makes her become a very popular and elegant female hostess.

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    I find Li Dongning of CGTN to be my favorite presenter,

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    I will like to meet any of them some day

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