The 10 Best Wakin Chau Songs

Zhou Huajian (English name: Emil Wakin Chau, Chinese name: 周华健) is a famous pop singer and producer active in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. He was born in Hong Kong on December 22, 1960. He went to study in Taiwan from 1979. He joined the Rock Records Company in 1986 and has grown to a pop superstar in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Asia. He has released more than 40 albums the sales totalled more than 30 million copies.

During his early debut years, with sunny, healthy, positive image and genre Wakin Chau was called “sunshine wanderer”; His excellent singing skill and great popularity helped his win reputations such as “National Singer” and “Heavenly King Killer”. Wakin Chau is one of the most influential Chinese singers in the 1990s.

His voice is clear and sharp. His alto area is natural and gentle and very magnetic, high note is full of tension and is explosive. He is good at nasal, tearful voice and falsetto and his sound is very recognisable and penetrating. Most lyrics of his songs are healthy and positive, with both firmness and tenderness, grief and sunlight, giving people warmth and touches people greatly.

His popular albums such as “You Make Me Happy and Sad”, “The Flowery Heart”, “Emil & Friends” have brought him numerous awards in Chinese music world.

Below is my picks of the top 10 best songs of Wakin Chau. Enjoy them and let me know which one is your favourite song.

1. Nothing Will Stop Me From Loving You 《风雨无阻》

This is the main song of the same title album released in 1994, other well-known songs in the same album include “I Didn’t Intend To Go”, “A Life Of Fighting Is But A Dream”.

2. The Flowery Heart《花心》

1993 is the Emil Wakin Chau’s first career peak, because his platinum record “Flower Heart” was the number one selling record in the year. The leading song “Flowers Heart” ranked among the top 3 for 10 consecutive weeks.

3. Friends 《朋友》

The song “Friends” is included Wakin Chau’s 1997 album of the same name. The song soon became popular after being released. The song is also the most popular songs in Chinese karaoke.

4. You Make Me Happy and Sad 《让我欢喜让我忧》

Although the song is a cover of song of ASKA, Jonathan Lee‘s lyrics perfectly match song’s melody.

5. I Didn’t Intend To Go 《其实不想走》

“I Didn’t Intend To Go” is the leading song of Emil Wakin Chau’s 1994 album “Nothing Will Stop Me From Loving You” .

6. Any Song Reminds You or Me 《有没有那么一首歌》

The song was composed by Steve Chou and written by Jonathan Lee and Lee Cheuk-hung.

7. My Dearest Baby 《亲亲我的宝贝》

This song was composed, written and sung by Emil Wakin Chau. The song was included in his 1990 album “Don’t Want To Be Alone”.

8. Day Lilies 《忘忧草》

The song “Day Lilies” is to express Wakin Chau’s concern of frequent natural disasters in Taiwan that time.

9. A Life Of Fighting Is But A Dream 《刀剑如梦》

The song was the theme song of the 1994 TV drama “Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber“.

10. Every Family Has Its Cupboard 《难念的经》

The song is the theme song of the 1997 version TV drama “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils“. The song expresses the idea that “the tree want to be calm, but the wind doesn’t stop blowing”, everyone’s life is destined and impossible to reach perfectness.

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