7 Benefits of Green Tea That You Didn’t Know About

We all know that green tea is a powerful antioxidant and a popular beverage, used for thousands of years for its health benefits. The plant boosts the metabolism and lowers the cholesterol minimizing the risk of heart diseases and higher blood pressure. It is worth noticing that there is more to this herb than just a cup of tea.  From domestic cleaning to skin care, here are 7 unexpected ways in which green tea can help you in your day-to-day life.

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1. Soothes Sun Burns

Although green tea has no UV light protection, it can prevent skin cell damage. The panthenol in the herb softens and soothes the skin, acting as a powerful sun burn relief. If your last trip to the beach didn’t turn out well, make a green tea compress.

2. Gets Rid of Dandruff

Green tea is great for soothing dandruff, itchy scalp and other skin irritations. The herb, loaded with vitamins C, D, E and B5, helps the hair grow faster and minimizes the hair loss. You can try this recipe for all-natural green tea mask.


  • organic green tea
  • apple cider vinegar
  • raw honey
  • purified water
  • spray bottle

Soak one tea bag in three cups of hot water for 30 to 60 minutes. Then add two tablespoons of vinegar and one spoon of honey. Stir until the honey dissolves. Wait until the mixture is cool and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray and gently massage the scalp. Let it sit for five minute and rinse.

3. Clears the Skin

Grab your used green tea bags and use the content to make a quick facial mask. The tea will detox the skin and will bring back its healthy glow. You can also make an effective acne cleaning toner to get rid of the imperfections.

4. De-puff Eyes

After you had a nice cup of green tea, don’t throw the tea bags right away. The detox properties of the herb can help reduce the dark circles and the swelling around your eyes. Green tea contains polyphenol particles like tannins, which is an astringent that shrinks the skin.  Before you use the tea bags, cool them in the freezer for a minute.

5. Clean Your Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning is one way to get rid of the pesky smells, but if you are on a budget you can try green tea. Grab a handful of damp, but not soaked green tea leaves and sprinkle them around.  The herb will attract the dust, making the cleaning and vacuuming twice as easier and your carpet will smell great.

 6. Refresh Your Microwave

Your microwave smells weird? You want to get rid of the greasy spots without the harsh cleaners and the scrubbing. Take a bowl, fill it with water and add half a lemon and two green tea bags.  Boil it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Let it cool and wipe clean. You can do the same with the refrigerator.

7. Water Your Plants

If your plants look a bit run-down, treat them with some green tea. The herb will make their leaves healthier and greener. Boil enough green tea to water your plants. Let the liquid cool and then pour it in the stems of your plants.

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  1. Csilla Elekes says:

    My friend and my sister became allergic to green tea. I think sometime even if is healthy you have to take in moderation.

  2. shane says:

    I think the function of grean tea just to help you lose weight and increase endurance…, Thanks for bring some an Health and Clean advice to us…

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