10 Amazing Uses of Tea You May Not Know About

China is the hometown of tea, In many Chinese medical books many records of tea benefits could be found such as relieving thirst, reducing fatigue, promoting dental health, improving eyesight, removing phlegm, reducing inflammation and detoxing. In addition, tea also has other various special uses. Here, we will show you other special 10 amazing uses of tea you may not know about!

Wuyi Rock Tea

1. Curing beriberi

Tea-leaves contain large amounts of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect, especially to filamentous bacteria of beriberi. Therefore, people suffering from beriberi can boil tea until get thick liquid to wash feet per night. It does not take long your feet will be fine automatically without using medicine. But you must persevere, it will not have a significant effect in a short time.

2 Eliminating halitosis

Tea has a strong convergent effect, which could eliminate halitosis when often kept in the mouth. You will get same effect through rinse your mouth with strong tea. If you do not like having tea, You can first soak the tea in water to help reduce its bitter flavor before chewing it.

3. Nourishing hair.

Tea are able to wash off hair dirt. Your hair can look black, soft and glossy after being washed by tea. Besides tea will not do harm to your skin and hair as it does not consist of any kind of artificial chemicals.

4. Washing silk clothes

Silk dresses can’t be cleaned with chemical detergent. Brewed tea-leaves are able to keep the original colour and brightness. Using it to washing nylon fiber clothes can also have the same effect.

5. Relieving symptoms of a cold

If you has symptoms of a sour throat and begin to snuffle, you must have picked up a cold. Just after taking several cups of strong tea mixed with sugar, you will feel much better. It was once a folk remedy commonly used in countryside areas in China.

6. Cooking tea eggs.

Tea eggs are a delicious food, the eggs can be boiled with brewed tea leaves or tea dust. But it is better to use oolong tea. The common oolong tea is cheap, and eggs boiled with oolong tea contain a yummy flavor and a rosy colour. The procedure of cooking such eggs is: 1. boil the eggs, 2. crack the eggshell slightly, 3. put tea leaves in the boiling water with the eggs, until the flavor of tea to saturate into the eggs.

7. Making tea leaf pillow.

Do not discard the brewed tea leaves, dry them under the sun and they can be used to make pillow. According to traditional Chinese medicine science, tea-leaf pillow can help people to get rid of fatigue and enhance the ability of memory.

8. Driving away mosquitoes.

Dry brewed tea leaves under the sun, you can burn them in evenings during summer to drive mosquitoes. It has the same effect with the mosquito-repellent incense and definitely has no harm to your body.

9. Used as seasoning

Tea leaf is abundant with colourings, which has a extensive usage, especially henna in black tea leaf. Tea leaf can be used to mix drinks and and make food. Being a type of flavoring, black tea juice is much better than normal artificial colorings.

10. Adding nourishment to plants and flowers

Brewed tea leaves still include many different nutrients like carbohydrate and inorganic salt. If put under the earth of the garden or flowerpot, they are able to improve the growth of flowers and plants.

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