5 Reasons Why Chinese Women Love Western Men and Dating Tips.

There are misconceptions about why Chinese women love to date Western men. Some of the misconceptions are:

  1. They are going into the relationship because of the person’s wealth.
  2. They want a way out of China
  3. They cater for his needs

The misconceptions listed above are completely wrong and don’t represent the reasons why Chinese women love Western Men. The attraction of Chinese women towards Western men are underlined by the following reasons:

beautiful Chinese girl

1. They are fun lovers

Women are naturally attracted to men who are outgoing and fun-loving men. Almost all women won’t go for the highly serious but no fun kind of guy. Almost all the women I spoke with said they would prefer fun lovers to boring guys.

2. They don’t judge base on past relationships

Relationship between Western men and Asian women are not limited to young people only, they also occur among older ones. Matured Chinese women and divorcee go for Western men because of their loving and caring nature.

They are more likely to overlook things that happen in past relationships and start a new life with you.

3. They are good at conflict resolution

Most break-ups are as a result of the two parties’ unwillingness to resolve their differences and move on with their lives.  According to some Chinese women, Chinese men mostly tend to avoid talking about a conflict to find a solution, rather, they hope that everything goes back to normal.

However, they said foreign men love to discuss about a conflict in order to find a solution. They said talking and finding solution to a conflict as soon as possible helps in developing a stronger and open relationship.

4. Tips for having a successful relationship

If you are ready for a serious relationship with a Chinese woman, here are some few tips that would be of immense use:

Be Yourself: Women who are looking for a long lasting relationship don’t look at what you have, or what you do. They want you to be sincere about who you are. Once that notice you are ambitious and serious about your life, they would definitely consider being in a relationship with you.

Though there are ladies who are gold-diggers, you will easily identify them because they are not usually in for a serious relationship.Just be yourself, do things you would normally do when she is not there with you.

You should be willing to learn new things when dating a Chinese woman: Being open to learning new things is key to having a successful inter-cultural relationship. A Chinese woman would teach you things that you were not used to, especially on issues related to medicine.

5. Be ready to compromise

Compromising in this sense doesn’t have to do with conflict avoidance. It simply means you have to accommodate what the other person wants, or be open enough to tell them why you are not in support of their decisions.

You have to be ready to learn new things when you are in an intercultural relationship. The women in china are not as exposed as women from other cultural background, thus, communication and learning should be rampant in such a relationship.

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  1. Emily says:

    Western men actually aren’t different from Chinese men. The only thing that makes them different is that divorce is less of an issue. Take my opinion for truth, you’ve described some of the traits my relatives and former boyfriends all have to different extents but none of them are Chinese. I think it’s just a myth and it actually varies per person. Perhaps the truth is that people willing to travel to far away countries who can adapt to the culture are actually the ones who are better at communication in relationships.

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