5 Best Websites to Watch Chinese Movies Online

In order to help Chinese movie lovers, I made a list of the Top 7 websites to watch Chinese movies online for free, but some visitors outside of mainland China complained that they could not watch the Chinese movies in their own country. Then here I compile this new list, all sites listed below allow people to watch latest HD Chinese movies online anywhere in the world.

1. M1905

m1905 movie channelM1905 is a Chinese streaming video website owned by CCTV6, the largest movie channel in China. The programs vary from mainland movies to Hong Kong and Taiwan anime and American movies. Visitors can watch most of the movies online for free anywhere in the world. The site supports search function, when you find your favorite Chinese movie, then click “立即播放”, after about one minute ads you will see the full-length movie. Besides most of its Chinese movies have English subtitles.

Website: https://www.1905.com/

2. 1080 Movie (1080电影网)


1080 Movie site is an online video content portal which offers latest high quality movies. All movies are free and when you click the play button,there is absolutely no ads will display before the movie. Click “立即播放”, you can watch the movie. There is no region restriction for all its movies, which means visitors can watch them anywhere in the world. The speed is very good and there is almost no delay while watching the movie from outside China.

Website: https://v.1080kdy.com/

3. 88 Movie Site(88电影网)

88 movie

88 Movie is one of the best Chinese language video websites. The site offers free full-length Chinese movies. Visitors can find huge amount of movies from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan, South Korean, the US and Europe. If you do not know Chinese language, you can use Google translate” to visit the site online in your language.

Website: https://www.88ys.com/

4. Chinese Movie (华人影院)

cntv moviesChinese Movie is a featured movie channel with many free movies worldwide. It offers lots of Chinese movies which allow viewers to watch the HD movies around the world. It also provides Chinese drama and shows.

Website: https://tv.msuedu.net/

5. Kankan Movie 看看电影

Kan kan moviesKankan.com is a big video portal in Chinese language. It provides latest and high-quality Chinese movie contents. Xunlei Kankan is available on mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

4 Responses

  1. liu says:

    ..too old we have BILIBILI Youku.com

  2. Hasnain says:

    As many peoples knows that chinese movies have a great value in movies industry also chinese movies industry are consider as one of the best movie industry
    I want to share one of the great chinese movies website with you guys which http://utumb.net you dont need to use any kind of proxy software to open this website i hope you guys will like this website

  3. Matt says:

    Some of the websites don’t work, or at least not in Europe. Nonetheless my Chinese is still to shit to care.

    Anyway it depends on the film and not necessarily the website your watching the film on. I think it depends on whether the film has been released overseas as it would have an international copyright.

    Nonetheless I suggest people just watch on Youku and use Google Chrome Youku unblocker.

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