20 Big Differences Between Chinese and Americans

As an old saying goes, human beings are shaped by the land and water around them. There exists the large Pacific Ocean between China and the United States, so it is natural that there is a world of differences Between Chinese and American.

Americans vs chinese

1. Chinese are not used to praise others, but good at self-criticism. When praised, they even will say “no, no, no, I am not good enough” in a modest way.
Americans like to praise others and self-praise. They are always saying sweet words. If you praise him, he will be generous to answer “Thank you, I agree!”

2. Chinese are fond of eating outside (in a restaurant) when stay with friends.
Americans like to go for a drink (in a bar) when get together with friends,

3. Chinese believe that a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults, and Chinese women do not like to bask in the sun.
Americans like wheat-color skin. Sunbathe is white people’s favorite. The stronger the sun is and the less they wear with more areas exposed in the sun, the better they feel.

4. Chinese are very reserved when they send gifts and receive gifts. They think opening the gifts face to face is not appropriate.
Americans are very proud of sending gifts and the recipient will say” Great! I love It!” in a high-profile way. If it is a dress or accessories, they even will try it on.

5. Chinese parents are willing to spend their money taking care of grandchildren with no regrets, which is admired by foreigners.
Americans (mainly white) tend to live their own life when retired. They are free to travel, dance, learn a skill and even fall in love for singles. Generally speaking, they will not help look after grandchildren for a long time if there is no special reason. Certainly, they are happy to offer a temporary help

6. If Chinese send their parents to a nursing home, it will be taken as a deed of impiety.
Most American parents live in nursing homes. If the children take time to visit them, it is called filial piety.

7. Many Chinese grow vegetables in the backyard.
Ordinary Americans grow flowers and grasses in the backyard.

8. Chinese deposit money they have earned in the bank to keep a stable state of mind;
Americans tend to spend tomorrow’s money to maintain a certain standard of living.

9. Few Chinese are in debt on credit cards;
Few Americans are not in debt on credit cards.

10. Chinese share their money even when a couple has not been married yet.
Many Americans spend their own money separately even when a couple has been married for a lifetime.

Chinese students vs american students

11. In terms of education, the greatest sense of achievement for Chinese comes from the child’s academic performance at school.
In terms of education, the greatest sense of achievement for Americans is from playing well in football or being able to take care of themselves.

12. When Chinese are in love, whoever wants to get married can propose to the partner.
In the United States, generally, however a girl wants to get married, she will patiently wait for a time when her man thinks of building a family to propose to her.

13. Chinese do not have a husband’s surname after marriage;
Women in North America usually change their surname after marriage no matter how famous you are, such as Hilary Clinton.

14. There are a lot of lawn slogans writing “do not trample on the grass” in big cities in China.
Lawn in the United States is used for trampling. It is easy to find people sitting or lying and reading in the sun everywhere.

15. Few Chinese will cook according to the recipe completely.
American will read the recipes carefully in accordance with requirements of the recipes precisely without the slightest difference when cooking and baking. (American families have kitchen teaspoons and cups). If you say “little”, they can’t make it, so you have to say 3/4tea spoon.

16. Most Chinese tend to change or take off shoes when they come in the house;
Americans are used to step on the light carpet with shoes, and even go to bed with shoes on.

17. Chinese like to find excuses for themselves when something goes wrong at work.
North Americans like to say that it is their own fault, asking for forgiveness.

18. Chinese who work in the office look pretty elegant, but it is easy to recognize that he or she is a Chinese from the mainland because his or her clothes are bought from China or he or she has a bad taste. People in North America wear more casual clothes than Europeans, but they wear more formal clothes when going to the office and change jewelries as often as clothes.

19. Some Chinese even spit on all countries in the world, clearing his throat and spitting what others do not like to see to somewhere they have to see;
North Americans can blow his or her nose loudly in front of others, which is not good, but they do it at least with a tissue.

20. As a person in the middle class, Chinese tend to buy a big house often just for showing off;
Generally, middle class in North America will buy a big house out of need.

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