The 10 Weird Business Gifts in China

The survey found that there is a growing trend of companies giving presents. 71% companies will present gifts to clients and customers. some respondents also said that they had received some surprising gifts in business activities, which indicates that people want to give some special presents to attract customers` attention. Below are some weird business gifts in China business activities.

1. Gold brick 

gold brick

2. Microwave oven

microwave oven

3. Fresh herbal medicine

Fresh herbal medicine

4. Healthy beverage

Healthy beverage

5. African robes

African robes

6. Lottery tickets

China lottery tickets

7. Writing brush

8. Face mask

china face mask

9. 3D Printer

3D Printer

10. High-end meat product 

High-end meat product

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  1. some guy says:

    its spelt : weird
    W E I R D
    not “wired” totally different meaning.

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