Top 5 Best Chinese Food Blogs

If you are interested in Chinese cooking and would like to learn to cook Chinese dishes. Food blogs are good places to go. Those great food blogs not only give you detailed cooking steps but also offer some food knowledge and interesting things during the cooking. Here I highlight the top 5 Chinese food blogs ever for Chinese cooking lovers.

1. Appetiteforchina

appetite for china is run by Diana Kuan, a New York-based writer and cooking teacher. The blog is about traditional Chinese dishes as well as creative takes on Chinese food and dishes. And it also has expanded to many recipes from other Asian cuisines. Kuan also published a cookbook The Chinese Takeout Cookbook which is a available on amazon.

2. Redcook is a high-quality blog about Chinese home style cooking. The blogger Kian Lam Kho is a software engineer, however, he is in crazy love for cooking. He even spent six months working as an apprentice under a chef and finally changed from amateur to professional in cooking. He shares his joys and frustrations of cooking Chinese food at home, and readers can find lots of interesting knowledge from his articles.

3. is the #9 food blog in the world ranked by The Daily Meal. The blog has over 650 easy Asian recipes, from Chinese, Malaysian, to Thai, Vietnamese and more. The blog is authored by Bee Yinn Low, a cookbook author, professional recipe developer based in Irvine, California, USA.  Bee’s first cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes is currently one of the bestselling Chinese cookbooks on Amazon. Some of her wonderful recipes include Kung Pao ChickenOrange Chicken and Lettuce Wraps.

4. Tastehongkong is a personal blog which has been online since 2008. The blogger lives in Hong Kong and love local Chinese food very much. The blog posts mainly share the blogger’s cooking experiences in Hong-Kong-style Chinese foods.

5. Yi Reservation

Yi is run by Yi, a guy who grew up in Chongqing and later moved to the United States. He cooks Chinese regional cooking in his home kitchen and hopes to share, discuss, and get support from “online community”. The recipes featured on Yi Reservation are a mix of different regions and styles with step-by-step illustrations.

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  1. Bill reilly says:

    Does anyone know why shrimp fried rice is now, in my opinion, an awful dish at every restaurant i’ve Tried? It used to be a reliably delicious choice. Now mushy flavorless, just awful! Thank you.

  2. This information is really informative. You have done very deep research about food blogs. I am also a lover of . I really love their blogs. Thanks for sharing your information with us.

  3. Mark DeVito says:

    I appreciate this blog and I hope to find the answer. What ever happened to sweet & sour Chicken. It turned into fried chicken in one container and a small plastic container of sweet & sour sauce. Back in the 60’s & 70’s there was a Chinese restaurant called Chins on High Ridge Rd. in Stamford, CT. They had the best Sweet & Sour Chicken. It was all mixed together with the sauce, pineapple & sour pickles. The best. Where is it?

  4. says:

    Here is one more chinese cooking blog, welcome!

  5. I hope i can join your list,

    I just create my blog recently but All my recipes will be “Authentic”

    That could be Late…..

  6. Lakecity Tavern says:

    The taste of Chinese dishes unique and they unique look-wise also ,we wants more about Chinese dishes so we can make it

  7. Thank you for the tasty list! We love learning about other styles of cooking, our own blog is about cooking with a little wine. Cheers!

  8. Chinese Restaurants says:

    I am so crazy about Chinese dishes but I have many trouble during its cooking due to lack of good recipes but these blogs are best guide line to get good recipes and all cooking tips.

  9. RanE says:

    Thanks for introducing these blogs because I only knew the first two. I was just looking for some good recipes for the new year to it’s perfect timing 🙂

    • Peter says:

      With the help of these fantastic food blogs hope you have got some good ideas about how to prepare a full table of Chinese dishes.

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