Top 10 China’s Happiest Cities

Recently, China’s CCTV Financial Channel “Economic Life Survey” program released its China’s happiest city ranking list. The results really make the public feel surprised! None of the top China’s cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is included in the TOP 10 list. Some listed cities are really unexpected. Below is the full list of the top 10 happiest cities and the reason why they are in the list.

1. Harbin – the coldest happy city

harbin cityMany people never thought that Harbin got the first place. But when think carefully, you may be surprised at so many amazing things there! Northeast China’s people are very generous, summer climate there is cool and the city is very clean. Songhua River winds through the city, this snow and ice made city looks like a bright pearl glittering in northeast China. The ancient Chinese culture and European civilization fuses here, creating numerous fantasy scenes.

Things to do:
1. Go shopping at the Central Street, Asia’s longest pedestrian street.
2. Sit in a trance on the Sun Island.
3. Walk through Laodaowei Area, which will show you the city’s origin.
4. Buy Harbin Red Sausage as souvenirs.
5. Drink Harbin Beer at the place of origin.
6. See ice sculptures at Harbin Ice and Snow World.
7. Taste Ma Verdier popsicles, eat at HuaMei Western Restaurant!
8. Ski at Yabuli Ski Resort!

Summer and winter are both perfect to visit Harbin. The best time is from December to next January, during this period all you can see is a world of ice and snow.

2. Nanjing – the ancient city with a brand – new image

nanjing cityNanjing is really a beautiful city with lots of historical heritages, numerous natural and cultural landscapes. There are plenty of good places to visit such as the Presidential Palace, Qinhuai River. The local food is also very good.

Things to do:
1. Night cruise on Qinhuai River.
2. Wander under plane trees and sit down to chat with Nanjing people, eat authentic Huaiyang dishes.
3. Have a historical dialogue with the Presidential Palace.
4. Smell the perfume of osmanthus blossoms at Xuanwu Park, see red leaves at Qixia Mountain.
5. Visit the spectacular Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.
6. Walk along  the Ming City Wall to feel the vicissitudes of history and pay respect to the victims at Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.
7. Find the old downtown’s prosperity at Pukou Pier.
8. Enjoy eating at the Confucius Temple area!The best visiting time is in spring and autumn.

In spring plums are in blossom at Meihua Mountain, and in Autumn you can view the fascinating red leaves at Xixia Mountain.

3. Huizhou – known as “half city of mountain views and half city of lake views

huizhou cityHuizhou is a well-known city in South China and hometown of many overseas Chinese. It is usually described as “half city of mountain views and half city of lake views”. All the goers say that this is a very nice, very clean and very harmonious city. It it is not interrupted by visitors and still keeps its quaint atmosphere!

Things to do:
1. Visit Huizhou West Lake to enjoy “five lakes, six bridges and 18 scenic spots”. When night falls, the lake and the city merge into a fascinating whole.
2. Enjoy sun, sand and fresh air at Xunliao Bay.
3. Have a panoramic view of Huizhou at the top of Mount Luofu.
4. Have a spa at a hot spring club.
5. Wander at the Austrian Town.
6. Eat the most unique Huizhou food “Three Treasures” – namely Steamed Sliced Pork with Preserved Vegetables, Huizhou Odorous Bean Curd and Salt Baked Chicken.

Located in south China’s Guangdong province, all seasons are good to visit Huizhou.

4. Hangzhou – a paradise on earth

West Lake romanceWith superlative city views, Hangzhou really deserves the reputation of “paradise”. Hangzhou has good afforestation rate and fresh air. The most famous attraction is the West Lake, and the Xixi Wetland is also very good. Hangzhou has a slow, even pace of life, Riding bicycle in the city is also a very good experience.

Things to do:
1. Pray to Buddha at Linyin Temple, eat vegetarian food and seek a marriage there!
2. Drink Longjing tea!
3. Pay a visit to the Xixi Wetland and the nearby ancient villages.
4. Cruise on the West Lake in March.

The best visiting time is spring. Hangzhou has different scenery for each season, but spring when flowers are blooming everywhere is the most beautiful time to go to Hangzhou.

5. Qingdao – With red tiles, green trees and blue sea and sky

qingdao cityQingdao is a beautiful coastal city, the air is very good, the sea water is clear, and you can see the beautiful coastline. You can pay a visit to Laoshan Mountain to enjoy its good view. The seafood here is very cheap in Qingdao, It is very comfortable to eat seafood while exposed to sea air.

Things to do:
1. Known as the “Sailing Capital” in China, Qingdao’s top-class sailing facilities allow you to experience the Olympic feeling.
2. Wtih blue sea, golden beaches and colorful swimwear, you really should enjoy sunbathing at Gold Sands Beach.
3. See the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, have a driving experience on it.
4. Climb to the top of Laoshan Mountain and look at the sea.
5. Participate in Qingdao Beer Festival in summer and drink beers freely!
6. Eat seafood sea and look at the brilliant night view in sea winds.

Summer is the best tourist season. Waters are warm and sand is soft, while the Qingdao Beer Festival will be held in the summer; and delicious seafood is also waiting for you.

6. Ningbo – you will never forget the flavor of Ningbo Drunken Crab

ningbo cityNingbo is a national historical and cultural city and one of the three major economic centers of Zhejiang province. Beautiful scenery and unique local culture gather together here.

Things to do:
1. Stroll along the Moon Lake.
2. Go boating on the East Lake.
3. Shopping at Tianyi Square.
4. See night view at the Old Bund.
5. Experience authentic Ningbo culture at Drum Tower .
6. Eat Ningbo Tangtuan (sweet dumplings) at Gangyagou Restaurant.
7. Enjoy snacks at Chenghuang Temple and eat authentic Ningbo Drunken Crab!
8. See ancient wall at Cicheng Ancient Town.

Spring is the best season to travel to Ningbo. Be moderate when eat seafood.

7. Yantai – a place to enjoy amazing mirage

yantai cityHere in Yantai you may step on the golden sands in bare feet, let small waves brush your instep, or climb the Penglai Pavilion and overlook the dreamy Yantai city. The beach environment here is very good and the climate is also very comfortable.

Things to do:
1. See a fantastic mirage which often appears between spring and summer.
2. Hike Kungyu Mountain.
3. Go to the Golden Beach to watch the blue ocean and beautiful sunsets.
4. Watch the seagulls at hustle Long Island.
5. Travel to Penglai Island, which was known as “paradise on earth” since ancient times.
6. Eat seafood.
In spring, many featured festivals will be held, summer is the best time to visit the Long Island and the Golden Beach.

8. Xinyang – a tea capital with beautiful mountains and waters

xinyang cityXinyang got a reputation of “a Land of Fish and Rice” since ancient times, A lot of talents and heroes appear in this wonder land.

Things to do:
1. Jigong Mountain is a beautiful mountain and a great summer resort.
2. Taste the Xinyang Maojian tea. This kind of tea is known to the world for its features of “slim, round, smooth, straight, downy, aggressive fragrance, strong taste and green infusion”
3. Enjoy a hot – spring bath at natural hot spring spa resort Tangquanchi!

The best tourist seasons are spring and summer when the climate is pleasant.

9. Chengdu – A city you won’t be willing to leave when you come here

chengdu cityChengdu is often known as the most leisure city in China. The city has deep traditional Chinese culture, slow pace of life, and a lot of fun attractions. Chengdu cuisine is really hard to forget, the most recommended experience is to eat a lot of delicious local snacks at Kuanzhai Alley.

Things to do:
1. Discover the Bashu tea culture, get buried in a wicker chair and hold a bowl of tea, watching the bustling markets and falling in a daze.
2. Enjoy authentic Sichuan Opera Face Changing Art.
3. Eat hot pot, shashlik and other various snacks!
4. See hot beauties at Chunxi Road!
5. Appreciate the ageless buildings at Jinli.
6. Play mahjong at People’s Park. Some say that if you’re looking for a Chengdu man, he is either playing mahjong or on the road to mahjong house.
7. See pandas at Chengdu Panda Base!

March to June or September to November are the best tourist season. The local food is spicy and hot, so do not forget to bring some gastrointestinal drugs.

10. Jinan – known as “Spring City”

jinan city
Jinan is known as “Spring City ” in China, this is an old city with very a deep culture. Here you can feel the winter’s “sunny warmth” in Lao She’s writing. You can see the beautiful scenery known as “Decorated by lotuses and surrounded by willows, the half-city mountain scenery is reflected on the surface of the vast Daming lake”

Things to do:
1. Watch the tender Baotu Spring, the No.1 spring under the heaven.
2. Enjoy musical fountain at Spring Plaza.
3. Appreciate lotus at Daming Lake in summer.
4. Listen to Jiulong Mountain Waterfalls.
5. See the Giant Buddha at Qianfo Mountain.
6. Enjoy maple leaves at Red Leaves Valley!

The best travel time is from September to November when you can watch the best spring after the rainy season.

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