Top 8 Things You Should Know to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered one of the most beautiful and fun locations in the world and for good reason. It’s this blend of cultures and people that make for an incredible adventure in what is often referred to as the Oriental Pearl by locals and tourists alike.

So if you’re thinking about visiting or are now counting down the days, here’s a list of some key things you should know before your trip.

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Hong Kong CBD1. Public Transport to from the Airport!

Now the first thing you’ll want to do after getting off your plane and heading out of the terminal is get to your accommodation. Due to the popularity of Hong Kong, the city had to construct a new airport, away from the old city to handle all the traffic. Instead of having to deal with a long and expensive taxi fare, the city has constructed a world class public transport system, starting with the airport connection. For a little over 11 USD, you’ll be able to catch the airport express which stops half way to the city centre before ending in the central Kowloon area. Much cheaper than a taxi fare!

2. Hong Kong Girls are Incredible!

Hong Kong women are an incredible mix of west and east. You’ll meet plenty of girls who can speak English and who are more open and friendly than you might expect! You will make friends for life or have a date after spending some time here!

3. Get an Octopus Card

No this isn’t an all you can eat sushi card, but a public transport card! This card is the way everyone in Hong Kong moves around the city quickly and efficiently. With a deposit of 50 HKD ($6.45 USD) and an initial top up of $100 HKD (12.90 USD) you’ll be able to jump on any form of public transport, giving you access to the greater area of Hong Kong! Once your trip is over, you’ll return the Octopus Card at the airport and receive the $50 HKD deposit – What could be better?

4. Late Starts

This is one of those things most people don’t complain about, especially after a long flight! A lot of inner city businesses don’t open till mid morning giving you plenty of time to rest and recover. It also gives you a chance to check out the world famous early morning markets! What will you discover in these incredible make shift stalls?

5. All Hours/Weather Dining!

One of the best things about visiting another country is sampling all the food! Hong Kong is no different and is filled with little eateries and massive restaurants offering a range of great meals to try. What’s even better is that there is honestly food being served at all hours of the day, seven days a week! So no matter what time you arrive in Hong Kong or when you fancy something to eat, you’ll always be able to find a delicious meal!

6. The Longest and Heaviest Road-and-Rail Bridge in the World

When you make your way into the city, you’ll be crossing over the world’s heaviest and longest rail-and-road bridge! This really is a testament to the ingenious engineering of Hong Kong as they were able to combine functionality with incredible aesthetics. Enjoy the view as you pass over the Ma Wan Channel and enter the city!

7. Public Transportation is the Best Way to Get Around

In a city of over seven million, you’ll only find 380,000 registered private vehicles operating. This is proof that the public transportation system works and works well. More people would choose public transport over their own private vehicles which makes it so much easier to get around. No more hour long traffic jams or having to pay for gasoline!

8. Renminbi can be used in Hong Kong too!

If you’re coming through Hong Kong after a visit to other Chinese destinations, don’t worry about transferring all of it to Hong Kong dollars as most businesses will accept Renminbi without any troubles.

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