Top 8 Interesting Things about Taiwan

If you love Asian culture, there’s no better place to immerse yourself than Taiwan. We thought we would share with you the top 8 interesting facts about Taiwan and help you prepare for your next trip. Well, if you are a western man and want to find out more information about Asian wives and foreign men, please read our recently post about where to find sexy women in China. Enjoy the reading.

When looking down, you can see the different style Taipei.

1. You can drive legally for a month with an IDP

With an International Driving Permit (IDP), you’re able to drive pretty much anywhere in the world, including Taiwan! This will give you access to the entire island and all it has to offer, although there are plenty of options with Public Transport!

2. Scooter are almost everywhere.

If you have never been to Asian before, you will be surprised about how many scooters in Taiwan. Beware of them as they will pass you very closely in the road.

3. Taiwanese girls are simply Amazing!

When travelling in the east, there are plenty of places where westerners would be tolerated but not necessarily welcomed with open arms. This could not be further from the truth with Taiwan. The Girls in Taiwan are incredibly open minded to the west and very welcoming to any travelers who come to Taiwan. You should find out very soon how incredible people are there.

4. Taiwan’s most popular Sport is Baseball

Now this will feel like home, the popular sport of Taiwan is baseball! Come and watch the local league or watch an international match while enjoying the atmosphere of the game. See how a Taiwanese crowd compares to an American one!

5. So many Restaurants!

When some tourists and foreigners arrive in Taiwan, they stick to what they know and only get food from 7-11 as they feel like they can’t communicate. The truth is, you can still enjoy the night markets by simply pointing to the food you want to eat! Immerse yourself and experience delicious Taiwanese Cuisine!

6. Free Wifi!

Yeah you heard that right! Taiwan is one of the only few places in the world that offers free Wifi! You’ll be able to connect to the internet and share your journey and thoughts with the world. Send your friends and family pictures of your delicious meals, experiences and adventures to make them really jealous!

7. Vegetarian Friendly

Taiwan is known worldwide as one of the most vegetarian-friendly destinations. Taiwan boasts 6,000 locations offering vegetarian options to cater to the 10% of the population who don’t eat meat! You heard that right, 10% of Taiwan is vegetarian, so you’ll have no trouble finding dishes suitable and delicious!

8. Hello Kitty Obsession

Just like many Asian locations, Taiwan is just as obsessed with the Japanese-born Sanrio character as anyone else! You’ll find a vast array of merchandise, themed restaurants and more! However, Hello Kitty isn’t the only obsession, with plenty of other cultural phenomena sweeping this enthusiastic Taiwan.

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