Top 8 China Computer Brands

Looking for an affordable desktop or tablet online?  Before making decision you really should consider PC brands from China.  Lenovo, Acer, Hasee, Haier, you have so many Chinese computer brands to choose. All these pc brands have reliable in quality and most importantly they are cheap.

1. Lenovo 联想

lenovo computerLenovo was founded in Beijing in 1984. Today, Lenovo is the world’s largest PC vendor by unit sales. Its typical products are the ThinkPad line of notebook computers and the ThinkCentre line of desktops.


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2. Acer 宏碁

acer computer brandAcer is a computer brand from Taiwan. Acer’s products include affordable desktop and laptop PCs, tablet computers and other products. It was the 4th largest PC vendor in the world in 2014.


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3. ASUS 华硕

ASUSFounded in 1989, ASUS is multinational computer and electronics company based in Taipei. Its products include desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and other products. It is currently the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer and the world’s third largest graphics card manufacturer


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4. Hasee 神舟

Hasee computerHasee brand was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Its products include reliable and affordable desktop computers, laptops, and panel PCs.  Hasee computers are sellable in more than 120 countries worldwide.


5. Founder 方正电脑

Founder computerFounder brand was created by Peking University in 1986 and has grown into one of China’s most innovative and influential high-tech companies. It is the second-largest personal computer vendor in China.


6. Tsinghua Tongfang 清华同方


Tsinghua TongfangTsinghua Tongfang was formally established in 1997.  It manufactures personal computers, desktops, laptops and other products.


7. Haier 海尔

haier computerBased in Qingdao, Haier is considered China’s most valuable brand. It is famous for high-quality home appliances and created personal computers just a few years ago. Its PC is very popular in China’s rural area.

Offical website:

8. HEDY 七喜

HEDY padBased in Guangzhou, HEDY is one of fortune 50 electronic information companies in China. It offers computer, desktops, laptops, keyboards and mice. HEDY computer ranks top 1 in South China and top 5 in China.


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  1. ANNIE NEWLAND says:

    Hello suppliers, i hope this email finds you well.
    My client is interested in purchasing a large quantity of laptop, can i get a quotation of about 6,785 units.
    Please I wait for your quick reply.

    Yours sincerely
    Annie Newland

  2. A Canadian says:

    Taiwan was never part of the People’s Republic of China – ever!
    Also…. is a country a republic when the choice of the people can only be one choice? I’m speaking of China.
    China’s people are awesome and should be freed of tyranny.

  3. Chaz says:

    Repeat: Acer & Asus are NOT Chinese brands/companies. They are both Taiwanese companies.

  4. Kamenashi says:

    ASUS and Acer are not Chinese computer maker. They both from Taiwan companies.

  5. Madhuri Tiwari says:

    May i please know that Samsung Indian company??🤔

  6. stiepa says:

    Taiwan is not China

  7. Ben says:

    Asus and Acer are NOT Chinese companies but are Taiwanese companies

  8. Engr. Benjamin Emenike says:

    Dear colleagues, I hope this mail meets you well. The management of Richy Multi Link Ltd would like to visit China next month to purchase computer’s and accessories. Our management intend to make a very large purchase . We’re into big sales of computer’s. Kindly match us with good manufacturers in China. Thank you so much.

  9. KS says:

    If Asus and Acer are from Taiwan, then they aren’t really considered from China?

    • JIM says:

      I agree with you KS. Though Taiwan is politically known as the “Republic of China”, and majority of its people are Chinese by culture, language, and race, it is not a part of mainland China, which is the People’s Republic of China. The Republic of China (Taiwan) and Peoples’ Republic of China (China) are two different countries.

      • stiepa says:

        People Rep of China and Republic of China are 2 different countries. According to Taiwan (ROC) Taipei is a capitol for both Taiwan and PRC.

        • aikidoisthebombyeah says:

          No, it is not 2 different countries. Taiwan was, is, and always will be a part of China. China will never allow for Taiwan to be an independent country, to be used as a puppet of the west against the motherland.

  10. Tom says:

    Bought an ASUS – no end of problems, finally called & they agreed to issue a refund.

    Too bad because I see it is from Taiwan and I have always considered Taiwan products better than the mainland Chinese products.

    • Peter says:

      Do not judge products by its production region. You should read remarks by real uses. some products from mainland China are not good enough. But with the development of hi-tech, mainland companies begin to focus on quality of the products and they often have price advantages. For example, the cell phone, in the past, Samsung and Apple dominated Chinese mobile phone market. But today domestic brands like Xiaome and Huawei are gaining more customers with their good quality product and cheap price.

      • Pk says:

        Hi Peter, Desperately we are now not the valuble customer for PRC’s companies whether they produce the world’s products. I plan to purchase laptop and I investigated it. I found chineses companies has the lower price and modern tech, but still I would prefer to by my Indian products rather than sending my money to China.

  11. KouponStores says:

    It is cheap and good in quality, thanks for sharing this list of China computer brands.They might be sell on many China online stores.

  12. sohail sarwar says:

    we are interested import distribution in Pakistan Haier Desktop PC / Laptops and work with Haier company please mail me a contact manufacturer Haier PC product Price list contact as soon as

  13. Cindy says:

    Been using Acer for years now and it has served me well..I don’t have problems with it even if I use it everyday more than 12 hours a day.. Perfect for my work!

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