Top 8 Best Film Schools in China

Film school is a place to train film actors and directors. What are the best film schools in China? Below is a list of the  best 8 film schools. Some of them are solely focused on films, while others are part of a larger program.

1. Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Film Academy (Chinese: 北京电影学院) is the cradle for China film talents and currently the only institution specialized in film’s higher education in the country. It has very good reputation in the field of film and cultural art. This is your best bet if you want to hook up with the future players in China’s film industry. Their notable alumni include famous directors such as Chen Kaige, and Zhang Yimou, well-known actors and actresses like Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Liu Yifei and Jiang Wenli.

2. The Central Academy of Drama

The Central Academy of Drama (Chinese: 中央戏剧学院, abbreviation: Zhong Xi) is a famous drama school in Beijing. The academy was established in 1950. It is one of the top drama and stage arts colleges in China. Many Chinese actors, actresses, and directors such as Gong Li, Chen Baoguo and Jiang Wen graduated from the Academy.

3. Shanghai Theater Academy

Established in 1945, Shanghai Theatre Academy (Chinese: 上海戏剧学院) focuses on performing arts education. It is one of the top art institutions of higher education in the country. Its alumnae include Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Tong Dawei and Lu Yi.

4. Communication University of China

Founded in 1954, The Communication University of China (Chinese: 中国传媒大学) is the leading universities of China in the field of media and communication. It has trained numerous high-level professionals for the Chinese media and film industry.

5. The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Founded in 1955, The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts (Chinese: 中国戏曲学院) is committed to the cultivation of top theatre talents. It is considered as the cradle of dramatists and artists. The academy has more than a dozen of departments such as opera, performance, music, stage direction, traditional Chinese opera and stage arts.

6. Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

Nanjing University of the Arts (Chinese: 南京艺术学院) is located in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province. The university was formed in 1912 on the basis of the Shanghai Chinese Art College. It currently consists of 14 schools, including fine arts, music, design, media, movie and television, dance and so on. It is one of the most distinguished art universities in China.

7. Meishi Film Academy of Chongqing University

Founded in 2000, Meishi Film Academy is one of the many colleges of Chongqing University. The school offers 8 undergraduate programs including Performing Arts, Directing, Literature of Film and Drama, Photography, Art Design for Film and so on. The school`s standing dean is the renowned producer, director and actor – Zhang Guoli. Their part-time professors include director Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, and actors Ge You and Gong Li etc.

8. Zhejiang University of Media and Communications

Established in 1984, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (Chinese: 浙江传媒学院) specializes in cultivating talents for media and broadcast industry. The school has sent a large number of graduates to various central, provincial, and municipal radio stations, television stations, and film and TV production companies.

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  1. xiaojun's wife says:

    It’s my dream to study Film Production in China but finding a promising university is a challenge for me.

  2. M. Bitar says:

    Have a very beautiful 14 years old Chinese mix daughter living in Chengde (Hebei) and would like for her to attend your art school.
    Do you offer summer programs for such age group?
    Please let me know

  3. Shadikunnahar says:

    how can i join this school ?
    what is the age required?
    what qualifications are needed?

  4. Ruby Lyn Chekaii says:

    Ni hao, Im from Philippines, I Love this field But there’s no such Film school here at our country, I want to study in china but I Can’t because I have no Family or relatives there. Oooh, I know it will just a dream.😢😢

    • Jada-kay Davis says:

      Ruby I too want to go and study in a film school in china, I also don’t have any family or relatives in china but i tell y self that no matter what its my dream and if i want to come through i have to take action for there’s always a way out.

  5. SAFARI Ombeni says:

    I wish to study in CHINA , i,m looking for full scholarship for film making studies.

  6. Chen Xiao xi says:

    I want think you guys should know a famous actor named Zheng Shaung that use to go to Beijing film acedamy.

  7. Bei wei wei says:

    I like the school that Zheng Shaungwent to. By the way yang yang and Zheng shaung make such a great couple….

  8. John says:

    I would like to recommend a great film school in Shenzhen. It is They have award winning mentors and a Diploma program, through TQUK, that is recognozed in over 100 countries. This is a great school for foreign students to learn film hands-on in China.

  9. Mohsin raza says:

    I am eager to study in china.

  10. Mr Magick says:

    what is my requirement to join this school

  11. kirui stephen says:

    i have a degree in accounting but i think and believe i am not compleete untill i have a degree in cinematography, any links will be appreciated.

  12. Joshua Taderera says:

    Im also a good actor 22 years of age from zimbabwe my num +263735881256

  13. Joshua Taderera says:

    Looking for a full scholarship to do media studies

  14. Bradley Nichols says:

    Previously produced Mandarin language training film with the Beijing People’s Police Institute, using directors/actors / actresses from Beijing Film Academy, and film crews provided by Beijing television.

    Have new requirement to produce upgraded/improved series of law enforcement training films/scenarios.

    I am currently putting together a Chinese film crew, case and recruiting a training film director.

    US Law enforcement subject matter expert will script judgmental shooting scenarios.

    Training film will be shot on location in China over 2/3 week period. Because of filming costs, daily film shoots will be all day every day until training film is complete. Very intense schedule.

    Director/actor/actress/camera/film technician are paid student positions.

    If any Chinese film students, directors, technicians from China’s top film schools are interested, please contact me at:
    O: 001-770-339-9408
    C: 001-678-634-3748
    When I am in China, you can reach me at my China cell: : 13601750051.

    I am an American who speaks and reads Chinese. As long as you speak “biao jun Han Yu”, communication should not be a problem.

  15. Nagul says:

    I want to become a actor any body give me a opportunity please mail me

  16. Luciana says:

    This is good but i need you to tell me the films because i want to buy them

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