Top 6 Advantages for Marring to a Chinese Woman

A lot of Westerners today might be wondering why more and more people are married to a Chinese bride. In fact, I am not saying women from other countries are not good enough. What I want to share with you in this article are some great advantages for you if you have a Chinese wife.

1. You can access to your entire Chinese wife’s social network

If are you lucky and meet the right Chinese girl, the marriage can be truly rewarding. Not only your wife can help you get started in China, you can also leverage your wife’s entire social network. This will be extremely important if you and your wife decide to stay in China in the future. No matter you want to develop your career or start your own business, having a solid network is crucial for your success

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2. Your Chinese wife can be your Chinese tutor

In China, if you are a Chinese speaking “Laowai”, the opportunities for you can be huge. But if you need to study Chinese from scratch, it could cost you lots of money and time. Having a wife in China is a big advantage for you to increase your language ability. She can be your private Chinese teacher everyday! Sounds amazing, right?

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3. Your wife can be your “culture interpreter”

We mentioned a bit language interpreter above. More importantly, if you wife are well educated, she can also be your interpreter in many situation to help you understand more about Chinese culture. If you are new to China, you want to avoid those culture misunderstanding, right? You wife is your great help!

4. She can be helpful for your work

In my opinion, if you have a new job in China, having a Chinese wife can save you lots of trouble. In the first few days, you need to open a bank account and provide numbers of documents etc. It makes a huge difference if you can have a Chinese to help you get started. However, your Chinese boss sometimes just assumes you can magically handle it by yourself. But the reality is usually nothing like that.

5. Your wife can help you to save money

In China, if you are a foreigner, sometimes you will be offered some insane “Laowai Price”. It means they will overcharge you no matter whatever you are going to buy. It’s terrible but sometime you just have to deal with it. But if you are shopping with your wife, of course, she can tell immediately if anyone gives you any ridiculous price and she can tell you to stay away.

6. Your wife can support your daily life

Chinese women are famous for being a good housewife. No matter your Chinese wife is working for another company or just simply working at home. In most cases, your wife will make sure everything is organized and the family is well presented. So you can focus more on your work.

Now you see you will have quite a lot advantages for marrying to a Chinese girl. They key is to find the right life partner, and we wish you all the best in China.

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  1. Larsson says:

    Nice article. I like it. I have a chinese girlfriend but we have not decided to get married yet. It has been months .

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