Top 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Your Girlfriend In China

Let’s say you are Westerners and you live in China. You want to date a beautiful Chinese girl. YES. You can do lots of things to win her heart, like sending flowers, having a nice dinner with her or learn how to make her parents like you. But knowing what things you should avoid is also crucial in the long term relationship.

beautiful Chinese woman

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1. No need to be hurry
In all the Chinese dating site over the internet, they always like to share with you some quick “pick-up methods” or tricks for dating Chinese girls. The truth sometimes your Chinese girl just need more time to know about you. So do not be hurry.

2. Do not keep looking at beautiful girls on the street
Many Westerners I know like to stare at beautiful Chinese girls. Well, you might ask, who doesn’t? But many Chinese girls I know are pretty sensitive about this. I am sure you are very familiar with this phase with your Chinese girlfriend: “What are you looking at?”

3. Maybe it’s not a good idea to ask phone number on the street in China
In many pick up training or course, the teacher will sometimes encourage their students to ask a random girl’s phone number on the street. It might be a good practice to build up your confidence, but not necessarily a good way to know Chinese girls. In China, asking a random girl’s phone number on the street shows you might not be serious about the relationship. You want to leave a good first impression for your dream girl, right? So think about it before your action.

4. Don’t brag about your previous relationship
You might have a date with a super hot girl in the past. Well, your Chinese girlfriend doesn’t need to know that quite frankly. Be cautious to tell your previous love stories even though your Chinese girlfriend asks about it. I am not saying you should lie to your Chinese girlfriend. Just always have common sense in your mind.

5. Last but not least, avoid the taboo topics
You might have lots of opinion about topics like Chinese politics. I suggest do not talk about those taboo topics with your Chinese girlfriend especially at the early stage of the relationship. Plus, when you have the chance to meet her parents, you should avoid talking about these things at all. Otherwise, it’s very possible to ruin the whole atmosphere easily.

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