Top 5 Etiquettes in the Chinese wedding

Let’s say you are planning a wedding in with your Chinese woman. But as a foreigner, you are not familiar with traditional Chinese wedding at all. What you should or should not do? What key things you should keep in mind on the big day? Today, we are going to walk you through what a Chinese wedding look like, you do not want to make any mistakes on this important day with your dream Asian woman, right?

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Since the late 1970s, China is connected more closely with the western countries. As a result, Chinese couples get started to learn more about the wedding customs, tradition from countries like America, UK etc. As a result, the typical Chinese wedding today is becoming more and more expensive. Many Chinese couples today feel like they are under a big pressure to afford the wedding cost

However, you can still see lots of Chinese tradition in today’s Chinese wedding. Let’s take a look at some popular Chinese wedding tradition below:

 1. How to choose the wedding date?

The date is usually chosen by the parents. The procedure to choose the “right date” could be very complicated but the key is to assure everything goes well in the future for the couple. So it’s not surprising to see so many wedding on the same date as choosing the “best” date to get married is still very important in the whole wedding preparation in China.

2. The wedding door game.

This is still very popular in many parts of China. When the groom and his best man and friends arrive at the bride’s door, they have to pass different kinds of “tasks” before they have the permission to enter the home. This part usually will take around half an hour or longer depending on the schedule.

3. The tea ceremony

This is a very important part in the whole day’s event. The bride should serve tea to the parents and different senior family members one by one. Then the family members should give red envelope (LI SHI) or other gifts in return.

4. What you should know about the banquet?

Typically, the banquet will be consisting of 10 different courses. Depending on different provinces and cities, the dish will be different. As you know the dinner culture in the north and south are not the same. During the banquet, the couple will usually serve tea or wine to the guests table by table.

5. Farewell to the guest

At the end of the event, the couples will be standing at the exit and say thank you for the relatives and friends. In some places in China, as part of the tradition, the couple will be the targets of different pranks by closed friends and family. However, this is becoming less and less popular today especially in the big cities.

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