Top 20 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in China

As one of the largest, oldest and most diverse countries in the world, China boasts a large numbers of tourist destinations ranging from natural wonders to historic sites to modern theme parks. This list shows you the most visited tourist attractions in China with number of yearly visitors. Some places may not be well-known in the world, but very popular for domestic travelers.

1. Forbidden City, 14.2 million, Beijing

Forbidden City

2. Huaqiao City, 12.1 million, Shenzhen  

huaqiao city shenzhen

3. Changlong Tourist Resort, 10.8 million, Guangzhou

changlong shenzhen

4. Baiyun Mountain, 10.3 million, Guangzhou

baiyun mountain

5. Summer Palace, 9.9 million,  Beijing  

summer palace beijing

6. Hengdian World Studios, 9.23 million, Zhejiang


7. Temple of Heaven Park, 8.4 million, Beijing

temple of heaven park

8. Badaling Great Wall, 8.12 million, Beijing

badaling great wall

9. Lushan Mountain 7.2 million, Jiangxi

Lushan Mount

10. Huangguoshu Waterfall, 6.8 milion, Guizhou

Huangguoshu Waterfall

11. Shaoshan,  6.6 million, Hunan


12. Tongli Ancient Town, 6.57 million, Jiangsu

Tongli Water Town

13. Suzhou Gardens, 6.41 million, Jiangsu

Lion Grove Garden

14. Song Dynasty City, 6.4 million, Zhejiang

song dynasty city

15. Jiuhua Mountain, 6.15 million, Anhui

Jiuhua Mountain

16. Sanqing Mountain, 6.11 million, Jiangxi

sanqing mountain

17. Emei Mountain – Leshan Giant Buddha, 6.07million, Sichuan

Emei Mountain

18. Wuzhen Ancient Town, 5.9 million, Zhejiang

wuzhen water town

19. Hengshan Mountain, 5.78 million, Hunan  

hengshan mountain

20. Putuo Mountain, 5.56 million, Zhejiang

Putuo MountainAbove are the 20 most visited tourist attractions in China, which one have you visited before? Please leave a comment below and let me know your favorite one.

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