Top 12 Websites Blocked in China & Why

Internet is a platform where people can exchange information with others, everyone can freely use the Internet. But due to some specific reasons, many popular foreign websites are blocked in China. People can only get access to these sites with a proxy or VPN service. This often causes a lot of inconvenience especially for foreigners in China who has got used to visiting Facebook or Twitter and thing. Then what sites are blocked in China and why these websites are censored in China, Listed below are 12 well-known blocked websites in China and the reasons:

1. Facebook 

In Mainland China, Facebook was blocked since July 2009. (In October, 2014, the company founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Beijing and this seems to be an effort to lift the ban in China.)

2. Twitter

Twitter was blocked from 2009 to present.

3. YouTube

YouTube was banned in mainland China from March 2009 to present.

4. Blogspot

It was forbidden in China since May 2009, to present.

5. WordPress 

This famous blog platform was blocked in mainland China from October 2011 to present. (But still you can find many Chinese blogs use this platform.)

6. Picasa

This photo sharing website was blocked in China from July 2009 to present.

7. Technorati

This famous blog search engine was blocked in mainland China from July 2008 to present.

8. Plurk

This social website was blocked in mainland China from April 2009 to present.

9. Hulu

Like many other sites, you can’t access Hulu in China.

10. Dropbox

In May 2010, Dropbox users in China were unable to access Dropbox. Later, Dropbox confirmed they had been blocked by the Chinese government.

11. Wikileaks

China has blocked access to WikiLeaks since Nov 2010.

12.  Google+

Google+ was blocked in China since July 2011. And since May 2015, most google services including the search service have been blocked in China.

There are several reasons why these popular sites are blocked in China:

1. The website content violate Chinese law (including pornographic or terrorist content).

2. Domestic DNS instability.

3. The site contains discordant elements.

4. To protect the development of national Internet industry.

The above reasons are for reference only.

Against the Internet censorship, I am afraid you need to use proxy or VPN service to get access to these banned sites if you are traveling to China or staying in China. Please check our previous post to find out some recommended VPN services.

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  1. LOL says:

    I dunno why I could access google for a few sec last month in China .

  2. Sam says:

    Good thing VPN is there.. was able to access Facebook and G+

  3. dinaafifi says:

    You can use this VPN service i used it when i was in china and managed to open all blocked websites anonymously.

  4. VIC says:

    i heard that the blocking of some of these sites had something to do with riots that were organised or promoted through these sites. i dont know why the Chinese media is always trying to cover up for the crimes of the west.

  5. Ann Moroz says:

    I believe than vpn is the most reliable solution. It is perfect but good vpn is not free unfortunately 🙁 I am using vpn account and it works fine for me.

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