Top 10 treasures in Palace Museum

Located in the center of Beijing, the Palace Museum, historically and artistically one of the most comprehensive museum in China, was established on the basis of the Forbidden City, a palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1840), and their collection of treasures. The Palace Museum has the country’s largest collection of ancient art works, some of which are invaluable national treasures. These art treasures include paintings, pottery, bronze wares, inscribed wares, toys, clocks and court documents. Here collected are top 10 treasures in this fantastic China museum.
1. Gold cup inlaid with treasures of the stable Qing Empire 乾隆款金瓯永固杯– It’s the representative of the palace cultural relics in the Palace Museum.

2. Carved lacquer dish with Cloud Design  张成造款雕漆云纹盘 – It was made by the carved lacquer master Zhang Cheng during the Yuan Dynasty.

3. Celadonish jade stove with cloud and dragon design  青玉云龙纹炉 – It’s a typical example of palace jade ware.

4. Pinch wire enamel elephant ears shape stove with design of interlocking branches and lotuses  掐丝珐琅缠枝莲纹象耳炉

5. Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival 《清明上河图》 – “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” is one of the most valuable Chinese ancient paintings, was created by Zhang Zerui in Song Dynasty (960-1279).
6. Pingfu calligraphy copy book by Lu Ji in Western Jin Dynasty  西晋陆机的《平复帖》

7. Pavilion-style self-opened doors clock outlined by painted lacquer in gold with design of immortals greeting birthday 彩漆描金楼阁式自开门群仙祝寿御制钟

8. Kesi Plum blossom and pied magpies Scene 沈子蕃缂丝《梅鹊图》 – It’s a sample of the palace embroidery works in the Palace Museum.

9. Langyao-red-glazed vase 郎窑红釉穿带直口瓶

10. Square wine goblet 酗亚方樽

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