Top 10 places to watch sunrise and sunset in China

This is an era of over-booked schedules, maximum stimulation, fast food and sound bites and we are always busy at work and life. But sometimes you need to stop and enjoy your life, then I advise you just sit and watch the sunrise. It’s beautiful and easy to catch. Here collected is a list of 10 best places in China to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

1. Mount Taishan (泰山)

The sunrise of Mount Tai is one of its four wonders. More often than not, tourists would trudge all the way from afar to view the spectacular scene of sunrise on the mountain.

2. Huashan Mountain (华山)

When the sun rises over Huashan Mountain, it seems like its rising from under the sea. Sunrise provides breathtaking views for visitors who hope to see a colorful rainbow in the rising sun. The East Peak of Huashan Mountain, also called the Rising Sun Peak, offers a magnificent view of the sunrise.

3. Putuo Mountain (普陀山)

Visitors can listen to the tides and watch the sunrise on the beaches, fully appreciating the serenity and grandeur of the area. The autumn is the best time to watch the sunrise, enveloped with its clear and crisp climate.

 4. Sanya Bay (亚龙湾)

“Sun, sea, sand”, the three words are instantaneously associated with Sanya. If you’re dreaming about golden beaches, luscious palm trees and turquoise water gently lapping on the shore, Sanya is definitely your best option. Yalong Bay is the best location to watch the sunset, it feels so good to stroll along the beach and watch the sunset.

5. Hulunbeier Grassland (呼伦贝尔草原)

This vast and beautiful grassland is where the great dynasties and kingdoms rose and fell. Hulunbeier Grassland is undoubtedly a jade in North China. Get up early and to watch the grand sunrise is a must for travelers.

6. Lugu lake (泸沽湖)

Lugu Lake is located in the North West Yunnan plateau in the centre of Ningliang Yi Autonomous County in China. It is an alpine lake at an elevation of 2,685 metres (8,809 ft) and is the highest lake in the Yunnan Province. The lake is surrounded by mountains and has many islands, peninsulas, bays and beaches.

7.Weizhou Island (涠洲岛)

As China’s largest and youngest volcanic island, Weizhou Island in Beihai City  is famous for coral reefs and volcanic topography. Watching the sunrise on this island will be a fantastic experience.

8. Changdao Island (长岛)

Changdao Island lies between the Jiaodong and the Liaodong Peninsula. There are totally 32 islands, each with different features. Changdao Island has fantastic rocks, elegant scenery, warm climate and rich tour resources. Changdao Island is also famous for a mirage phenomenon that occurs especially after showers in July or August.

9. Alishan (阿里山)

The sunrise, cloud sea, forest, sunset glow and railway are known as the “five wonders of Alishan,” with the sunrise particularly renowned. Every morning before dawn visitors from all over the world wait for the sun to emerge from the dark blue screen before their eyes, observing the light change from faint orange red rays until a bright new day is born.

10. Qinghai Lake (青海湖)

Qinghai Lake, China’s largest inland body of water lies at over 3000m on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. If you decide to appreciate the sunrise, get up as early as you can. The sunrise is magnificent and its beauty can not be described in words.

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