Top 10 online English Chinese translation services

Do you have a job related to China? Do you often encounter the translation problems between English and Chinese? As for me I often use Google Translate to translate English to Chinese, or otherwise to convert Chinese into English. However, there are also other excellent online translation tools you can consider. Below 10 are the best translators you should try.

1. Google Translator

Google Translate has well supported translation from English to Chinese. You can enter text on the flank form and choose to translate and Google Translate will do the rest. At present this is mostly regconized as the best online English-Chinese translator.

2.  Bing Translator

Bing Translator is a free translation service. It currently support 32 languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Thai and Russian. This powerful translation can translate any text or the whole document into any language available.

 3. Reference Translator

It can translate Chinese to English or the other way for FREE! There is a limit of 300 words to be translated each time. It features a list of popular phrases below for reference.

 4. Babylon Translation

Babylon can translate words, texts, phrases between English and Chinese. Babylon has a long history of more than 10 years. and has been ranked by millions of users as the most convenient translation tool available online.

 5. Worldlingo Translator

It not only supports text translation from English to Chinese but allow users to do transation by pasting a webpage URL, or even uploading a document. It is a totally free online translation tool between English and Mandarin.

 6. Im Translator

Imtranslator English to Chinese Translation provides the most convenient online translation service. It offer various tools including online translation service, text-to-speech services, English spell checking and much more.

 7. NJ Star Software

NJStar provides various Asian language software for both Windows and Apps. Its major product NJStar Chinese Word Processor is a popular tool for Chinese web page and email viewing and editing. Many universities and language schools in the world have use it for language teaching and learning.

8. Frengly Oneline Translator

Frengly is a absolutely free online translation service. It supports translating English to both simple Chinese and traditional Chinese. Just paste your text and click the related button, Frengly will show the translated text for you.

 9. Paralink Web Translation

Its translation service is supported by Babylon, Google™, Microsoft® and other translation providers. It provide translation from English to both simple and traditional Chinese. Besides you can download its translation software and use it offline on your computer.

10. MDBG Translation

It supports short text translation from English to Chinese or the other way around. In addition, a dictionary lookup is also performed to verify if the translation is correct.

Among the above 10 online English Chinese translation services, I often use Google Translate, but sometimes use Frengly? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other similar online translation services? Share with us by adding a comment below.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Yes those are really some of the best translation tools available on the internet not only for Chinese but also for many different languages. and Google just beats them all. Your post is helpful indeed. Keep it up!

  2. Marco Leu says:

    Sometimes, online and machine translation is not delivered as acurate as manual translation. Most of the time, we need to find real person working as translator or interpreter. I found a website which is a totally free and open platform, where clients and translators/interpreters can view their contact info directly. All registered users are allowed to communicate online and offline both.

  3. Olga says:

    I’d like to suggest for you to try the live online translation service Nitro:

    All of the translations are performed by professional translators. It’s not as fast as the usual online translation services (usually it takes a couple of hours to get your texts translated) and you have to pay for the translation. However, the quality of a human translation is flawless and this truly makes Nitro worth trying.

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  5. semprot igo says:

    know that google translator is still n the top spot, its my go to guy in translation needs……Good

  6. Sdfm says:

    A great list indeed. I think Google tanslate and Bing translate are the leading online translation websites.

  7. If you need Polish language expert then come to us!!!

  8. good to know that google translator is still n the top spot, its my go to guy in translation needs.

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