Top 10 Nightclubs to Meet Girls in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, capital of China’s Guangdong province, is  a prosperous metropolis full of vigor. The city has lots of bars and clubs such as Amigo, Baby face, 23 Club, Golf Club, Party World, all of them offer different kinds of beverages, great music and of course hot dancing girls. Below are top 10 nightclubs to find girls in Guangzhou, when you visit Guangzhou, you should try at least one or two on the list.

1. Golf Club

The Golf Club is located in a beautiful garden area known for its tranquil surroundings. However inside it it presents you a scene of feasting and revelry.  Some say Golf Club is a place where you will find the most beautiful girls and guys. Maybe you should try it out for yourself.

Address : North Gate of Yuexiu Park, Huanshi Zhonglu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:00pm – 2:30am
Phone : 86-20-8666 6708

2. True Color

You will find lots of bars such as Heihei Club, Muse and Soho Bar on Yanjiang Road and Changdi Street on the northern bank of the Pearl River. But for live music, the True Color nightclub is the best place to go.

In True Color your whole soul will be grasped by its exciting shows, great sound and crazy crowd. The atmosphere here is unparalleled and the DJ is very good. This is the right place to meet the sexiest women in Guangzhou.

Address : 276 Yanjiang Middle Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:30pm – 4:00am
Phone : 86-20- 8373 5858

3. Amigo

amigoAmigo is a nightclub where to enjoy live music and watch the riverside-girls passing by. Amigo has a French pub on the first floor and a V-shaped restaurant on the second floor. Decorated with saddles, whips, western historical paintings, Amigo is reputed as the pub to evoke your passion.

Address : B03, Bai E Tan Lu, Fangcun District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 7:00pm – 4:00am
Phone : 86-20- 8155 8173

4. Baby Face

Located not far from the quiet embassy district, Baby Face is the youngest and most popular club in Guangzhou.

Baby Face is divided into two parts. Dong Gong (or Eastern Palace) is populated with the 30 – 40 year old and features disco-style music. Xi Gong (Western Palace), sees more young guys and entertain guests with R&B or hit music. Every night, the city’s most IN girls and guys will gather here, especially after 11:00pm, more and more beautiful girls in short skirts will come here when the night deepens.

Address : No.83 Changdi Da Ma Road , Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:00pm – 5:00am
Phone : 86-20-8335 5771


If you want to have some sun in bars in Guangzhou I strongly recommend SOHO. Its main bar area is just like bars in New York – in the classic Soho style.It’s fancy place where you will experience the real typical Chinese nightlife! Their various styles of original music and passionate singers will make you enjoy every minute there.

Address : 87 Changdi Rd, Yuexiu, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:30pm – 3:00am
Phone : 86-20-8336 6611

6. Tang Club

Tang Club is a place which will surely appeal nightlife junkies. It features Chinese style décor and live band performance. The crowd here is a mixture of expats and local stylish young guys.

Address : No. 1, Jianshe Liu Malu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 3:30pm – 2:00am
Phone : 86-20-8384 1638

7. Catwalk Bar

Located near the south gate of the Guangzhou Sports University, Catwalk Bar is one of the best clubs in Guangzhou. The club gathers white collars and trendsetters and those who enjoy crazy night life. With passionate and intense music and nice atmosphere, Catwalk club is an ideal place for party-goers.

Address : Xiju PTV3, No.163 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 9:00pm – 4:00am
Phone : 86-20-6220 8888

8. New Era

guangzhou new eraThe five-floor bar can satisfy all sorts of need in a bar. You will enjoy the Hip Hop & R&B at the ground floor and VIP rooms on other floors. New Era is always full of young girls and boys. There are lots of high school and college girls here.  This is one of the best places to meet young girls.

Address : No.2 Zhongshan San Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:00pm – 5:00am
Phone : 86-20-8381 3327

9.   Hei Hei Club

Hei Hei club is known for its Hip Hop music in Guangzhou and is extremely popular among young Chinese. Every night the real party begins when the DJ starts spinning hit hop and R&B, in the midnight the pace will get faster alone with the crazy girls and boys. This banging club gets pretty wild on the weekends.

Address : 153 Yan Jiiang Xi Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 9:00pm – 3:00am
Phone : 86-20-8132 3102

10. Bound Club

Bound Club is one of the best trendy and smart clubs in town for foreigners. It features a dance floor packed with an ecstatic crowd and techno music during weekend nights.

Address: 183 Yanjiang Xilu, Yuexiu Disctrict, Guangzhou
Open Time : Daily 8:00pm – 3:00am
Phone : 86-20-8333 2223

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    kama is closed.Any other club for hookers where we can get similar crowd like Kama

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    is this possible to find one serious girl from china to get married with me. if yes how I can find some one who is really serious but not fake.

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    I had heard of Kama Club. But 300 US Dollars are too much for a hooked.

  5. Crazy Hours says:

    Best club in Guangzhou . Crazy Hours Desi Club.

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    300 usd from Kama night club u can hire the colonial and Russian girl

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    I love chinese girls at club hei hei

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    hi,would you plz tell me,how much price cost from night till morning time for one beautiful girl servicing?

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