Top 10 Hottest Chinese TV Series of 2015

In the year of 2015, we will have a large number of Chinese TV series to watch. Among these TV plays, we can see all types that audience hope to find: costume drama, historical play, romantic play, idol drama…… Here we compile a list of the 10 most anticipated Chinese TV series in 2015 and every drama fan should not miss them.

1. Hua Qian Gu 《花千骨》

Hua Qian Gu

Starring:Wallace Huo, Zhao Liying, Jiang Xin
“Hua Qian Gu” is adapted from a very popular fantasy wuxia novel “Hua Qiangu in Fairyland”《仙侠奇缘之花千骨》by Fresh Guo Guo. The story tells a touching love story between an ordinary girl Hua Qaingu (Zhao Liying) and her martial arts master Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo). The drama has attracted a lot of young Chinese people to watch.

2. Qin’s Moon 《秦时明月》

qin shi ming yue

Starring: Jiang Jinfu, Hu Bingqing, Qin Junjie, Lu Yi, Michelle Chen
The costume drama “Qin’s Moon” is adaped from the popular cartoon of the same title. The story primarily takens place after Jing Ke failed to kill the King of Qin, and it tells the legendary eexperience of Jing Ke’s son Jing Tianming and other two teenagers.

3. Legend of Fragrance 《活色生香》

huo se sheng xiang

Starring: Tang Yan, Li Yifeng, Shu Chang, William Chan, Huang Ming
“Legend of Fragrance” is a love drama that takes place during the Republic Period (1912-1937). The story revolves around love and hate between two perfume-making families, telling a “perfume world” which is unknown to outsiders.

4. Love YunGe From the Desert 《大汉情缘之云中歌》

Love YunGe From the Desert

Starring: Yang Ying (AngelaBaby), Du Chun, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao
The drama is adapted from a popular online novel by Tong Hua. The story takes place during the Western Han period (206 BC-24 AD). telling the legendary romance between the female lead Yunge, Prince Liu Fuling and gentleman Meng Yu. The famous online novel and the leading roles AngelaBaby and Lu Yi plus sorrowful love story will please every audience.

5. List of Langya《琅琊榜》

List of Langya

Starring: Hu Ge, Liu Tao, Chen Long, Wang Kai, Victor Huang, Gao Xin
This play is based on the novel of the same title by Hai Yan. The series costars Hu Ge and Liu Tao. It tells the story of how the weakling talent Mei Changsu pokes the heavy fog of confusion, fights against dubious sycophants , redresses unjust cases and supports the new king to revenge.

6. Wang Dahua’s Revolutionary Career《王大花的革命生涯》

Wang Dahua's Revolutionary Career

Starring: Yan Ni, Zhang Bo
In the drama, Wang Dahua (Yan Ni) is a simple straightforward married woman who lives by making fish cake, However, the appearance of her former boyfriend Xia Jiahe (Zhang Bo) disrupts her calm life. After losing her husband she begins to live under other;s roof, but unconsciously with the guidance of Xia she gradually takes a road of anti-Japanese.

7. Tong Tian Di Ren Jie 《通天狄仁杰》

tong tian di renjie

Starring: Ren Jialun, Kan Qingzi, Miao Junjie, Wang Yu
The story takes place during Emperor Gao period of Tang Dyansty (AD 618–907). Detective Di Renjie is discovered to be a great detective. In the process of detection he develops a delicate relationship with Wu Meiniang, they are both friends and enimies to each other, at the same time he gradually approaches the her unfathomable intrigue and ambition……

8. The Imperial Doctress《女医明妃传》

The Imperial Doctress

Starring: Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan
“The Imperial Doctress” is an inspirational legendary costume drama directed by the Li Guoli, starring popular actress Liu Shi and well-known actors Wallace Huo and Huang Xuan. The play is adapetd from a real historical figure and tells the lengendary story of a female doctor named Tan Yunxian.

9. You Are My Sunshine《何以笙箫默》

He Yi Sheng Xiao MoStarring: Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, Yang Le, Tan Kai
“You Are My Sunshine” or “He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo” is adapted from Gu Man’s same name novel. It tells a sorrowful love story between He Yichen(Wallace Chung) and Zhao Mosheng (Tang Yan). The drama is very popular in mainland China and most young audience are attracted by their college era sweet romance.

10. The Legend of MiYue《芈月传》

The Legend of MiYue

Starring: Sun Li, Alex Fong, Huang Xuan, Liu Tao, Ma Su, Jiang Xin
The play is directed by Zheng Xiaolong, who directed the very famous imperal palace play “The Legend of Zhen Huan“. It is based on the novel of the same name by Jiang Shengnan. It revolves around legendary life of Mi Bazi, the mother of King Zhaoxiang of Kingdom Qin and tells how she grows from a innocent girl to empress in fierece imperial-harem struggle.

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