Top 10 Hilarious Chinese Slogans & Signs

Chinese people are an enthusiastic about various slogans on street. Here is a list of some Chinese slogans and signs found on street. Let me know what you think about them in the comments section.

interesting chinese slogan 31. Do not break into the house any more, as there is nothing inside.

interesting chinese slogan 52. It would be better to invest in stock than to rob a person – municipal Public Security Bureau

interesting chinese slogan 063. It would be better to go whoring than to rape – municipal Public Security Bureau

interesting chinese slogan 74. It is nice to watch beauties on street. Higher sight is regarded as appreciation but lower sight is hooligan.

interesting chinese slogan 085. People can not drop down their nobel heads except they pick money up.

interesting chinese slogan 96. The newly married couple always fights with each other. Jangle causes absence, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

interesting chinese slogan 107.  Women behave decently because they have not received enough temptation.

interesting chinese slogan 148. Being talented just like being pregnant, it must be a long time for people to discover it.

interesting chinese slogan 159. If people do not give birth to girls, there will be no wives.

interesting chinese slogan 1610. Specialize in repairing the US aircraft carriers and F-22

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  1. Li Hua says:

    As a Chinese,l have a question.Had the banners in picture 2 and 3 really existed in China? I don’t think it possible for a municipal Public Security Bureau to suggest the public to go whoring .These photos may be photographed for some reason.

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