Top 10 Golf Courses in China

Golf was first introduced into China in 1916, and then in 1917, the Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Association has been brought into operation. By the mid-1980s, Golf rose in mainland China and developed at a surprising rapidity. According to the comprehensive indicators of the golf course landscape, course quality, course service, and supporting facilities, the “Top Ten Golf Courses in China” is evaluated as follows:

NO.1 Kunming Spring City Lake & Golf Resort 昆明春城湖畔高尔夫球场

Kunming Spring City Lake Golf Course

  • Club facilities: business center, conference room, multi-functional hall, tennis court, swimming pool, sauna, massage, restaurant, billiards room, etc.
  • Ball way length: 14657 yards.
  • Course data: 32 holes 144 strokes.
  • The Location: Yangzonghai, Yiliang County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

Spring City Lake Golf Course, enjoying the “first in China” golf course, is located in the clear water ripples, sparkling, clear and charming Yangzonghai Lake. The golf course makes full use of the undulating natural terrain to create opportunities with surrounding hills and towering greens and kick-off areas so that golfer can play in full and vivid.

The course can be called “Asian Golf Paradise”. There are classic 8th hole par 3 and 18th hole par, one of the world’s best-known 500 holes.

NO.2 The Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen 深圳观澜湖高尔夫球场

Guanlanhu Golf Club, Shenzhen

  • Club facilities: tennis court, three clubs, two swimming pools, five-star hotel, fitness center, billiard hall, the happy castle for kids, etc.
  • Ball way length: 7294 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: No. 1 Guanlan Golf Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

The Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen is the largest golf course in Asia, spanning nearly 20 square kilometers of green mountains and waters, with a total of 12 Championship 218 holes, which is the only 72-hole golf course in China. Its course is also the only designated course for international tournaments approved by PGA and TPC in Europe and the United States. It is also one of the member clubs of the Global Golf Club.

NO.3  Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Club 北京华彬高尔夫球场

Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Club

  • Club facilities: clubhouse, Chinese and Western restaurant, Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, conference room, massage bath, foot bath, etc.
  • Ball way length: 7065 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: Pine Valley Manor, Nankou, Changping District, Beijing.

Located in the magnificent and elegant garden of Pine Valley Manor, Beijing Reignwood Pine Valley Golf Course has two 18-hole International Championship Courses and a 9-hole Lighting Course. The designer is Jack Nicklaus, the “Golf King”. It was Designed each fairway according to the changes in the sunshine, wind direction, season and other climatic factors. It is a masterpiece that perfectly combines the pleasant scenery with the fluctuant and soothing course.

NO.4 Beijing Earls Golf Course 北京伯爵园高尔夫球场

Beijing Earls Golf Course

  • Club Facilities: Chinese Restaurant, Western Restaurant, Standard Guest Room, Banquet Hall, City Club, Villa, Tennis Court, Gymnasium, etc.
  • Ball way length: 7438 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: Songzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing (East Sixth Ring)

The course is designed by Mr. Lim Sangha, a world-renowned designer. The first nine holes are grassland Lake style, the last nine holes are forest lake style, and the nine holes are pastoral Lake style. There is also two water Par3 putting green linking the 7th and 13th holes, which is a very rare innovation in the design of golf courses in the world at present. Especially the teeing ground of the 9th hole is set in the water. The island’s swing is pleasant.

NO.5 Shanghai Sheshan Golf Course 上海佘山高尔夫球场

Shanghai Sheshan Golf Course

  • Club facilities: Chinese/Western Restaurant, Landscape Cafe, Red Wine Cigar Bar, Sauna Massage Center, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, etc.
  • Ballway length: 7140 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: 288 Lane, Linyinxin Road, Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Shanghai

Shanghai Sheshan Golf Course is the most densely forested golf course. Some holes vary more than 12 meters in height, such as the dramatic change of 8th holes. These rolling hills are covered with forest, and the blending of pine and deciduous trees gives people a real feeling of playing in the forest. Each hole is separated by trees, and adjacent holes avoid interference with each other, even when one hole does not see another.

NO.6 Yangtze River Golf Course, Zhongshan, Guangdong   广东中山长江高尔夫球场

Yangtze River Golf Course

  • Club facilities: Chinese and Western restaurants, conference rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, billiards, bowling and so on.
  • Ball way length: 7066 yards
  • Course data: 36 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: Yangtze River Tourism Scenic Area, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

The Yangtze River Golf Course is located in the famous Yangtze River tourist scenic spot in Zhongshan City. The golf course is built according to the mountains, and the mountains and rivers reflect each other. There are two courses, A and B. The nine holes behind A are light courses, which can make your golf fun and extend to the vast sky. The course in Area B is winding and vast with 72 pars and 7238 yards in length.

NO.7 Shanghai Silport Golf Course 上海旭宝高尔夫球场

Shanghai Silport Golf Course

  • Club facilities: coffee shop, conference room, golf shop, soaking massage pool, sauna, etc.
  • Course length: 10344 yards
  • Course data: 36 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: No. 1 Xubao Road, Dianshan Lake Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Shanghai Silport Golf Course covers an area of 1.07 million square meters of a 27-hole professional competition course, using natural lakes and rivers, transformed into a curvilinear and varied course. The 27 holes are divided into 3383 yards in the middle area, 3594 yards in the west area and 3283 yards in the East area. The width of the fairway is 12 yards to 105 yards. The fairway is interlaced with the desert landscape, sand road, lake, and green grass. It shuttles and circuits the whole stream, making the course more changeable.

NO.8 Dalian Goldstone Golf Course 大连金石高尔夫球场

Dalian Goldstone Golf Course

  • Club facilities: restaurants, living rooms, villas, beach baths, aprons, children’s playgrounds, etc.
  • Course length: 7126 yards
  • Course data: 36 holes 144 strokes
  • location: Dalian Golden pebble beach National Tourist Resort

The seascape course is adjacent to the long coastline, surrounded by the sea on three sides and mountains on one side. The essence of 36-hole Golden Stone Course is the old 18-hole Course, the Turtle Course. The sea breeze and waves are the biggest obstacles for a golfer to play in Goldstone. When the sea breeze is not strong, the course is gentle, and the fault tolerance rate on the wide track is high. But most of the time, you have to face the changing sea breezes, big or small.

NO.9 Yunnan Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course 云南玉龙雪山高尔夫球场

Yunnan Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course

  • Club facilities: Chinese and Western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, conference rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, billiards, children’s playground, etc.
  • Course length: 8548 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: Ganhaizi, east foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Yunnan

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course is located on a plateau of 3100 meters above sea level. It is the only snow mountain course in Asia. The 18 holes, 72 strokes and 8548 yards specially designed according to the terrain of the course have proved to be the longest golf course in the world so far. The first 9 holes and the last 9 holes are different in style according to their natural landforms and landscapes. Their layout is exquisite and elegant, which shows the unique charm of the only snow mountain golf course in Asia.

NO.10 Boao Golf & Country Course, Hainan 海南博鳌乡村高尔夫球场

Boao Golf & Country Course, Hainan

  • Club facilities: restaurants, dressing areas, supporting service areas, Boutique stores, etc.
  • Course length: 7019 yards
  • Course data: 18 holes 72 strokes
  • Location: Shapo Island, Boao Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province

Boao Golf Course is the first Link-style course in China and the only one in Asia. There are 18 holes, 72 poles, 7019 yards long fairway, the first 9 holes around the island, around the river around the sea, all sides of the blue water flooding, sea scenery and distant mountains and waters in one. The latter nine cave islands are traveled through, integrating sand pools and rocks, coconut trees and reeds, and pastoral scenery. It is called “one of the most distinctive courses in China”.

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