Top 10 gifts for Chinese luxury consumer

For high-end retailers such as Gucci and Cartier, China is one of the most important markets. In China luxury goods are not only bought to show people`s social status, but for giving gifts to friends and clients. What it is the country’s rich have been handing out. Below is the top 10 gifts for Chinese luxury consumer and let us look at what China’s wealthy like to give to their friends and clients.

1. Louis Vuitton (Fashion, France)

2. Cartier (Jewelry/watches, France)

3. Hermes (Fashion, France)

4. Chanel (Fashion/Perfumes, France)

5. Moutai (Drinks, China)

6. Apple (Electronics, United States)

7. Dior (Fashion, France)

8. Prada (Fashion, Italy)

9. Rolex (Watches, Switzerland)

10. Armani (Fashion, Italy)

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