Top 10 Free Online Chinese Radio Stations

If you want to learn about China or learn Chinese online, listening to Chinese radio online is sure to be a good way to closely follow what is happening in the country. Below is a random radio station list for you to listen to the latest Chinese news.

1. China Radio International  

China Radio International’s English service is the most important outlet to learn about what is happening in the country. It focuses on news reporting and produces a variety of feature programs. Users can listen to it on computers, IOS or Android smart phones.

 2. Love Radio 103.7FM  

LOVE RADIO 103.7 FM in Shanghai focuses on pop music to promote quality of life, the listeners are mainly people aging between 25 to 55.


This is a website which collects lots of Chinese national, provincial, city and  internet radio resources. Log on the site and just find you favorite tune and click the play button, you can listen to many cool Chinese radio programmes. However, the site is in Chinese so you have to know a little Chinese.

4. Radio 774

Beijing Waiyu Guangbo, also known as Beijing Foreign Broadcast, broadcasts on AM 774. Frequency: 774 kHz medium wave, cable FM 97.8 MHz. It broadcasts 18 hours a day.

5. Ximi Music Radio

Xiaomi Music Radio is a very cool internet radio station broadcasting hot popular Chinese songs. The selected songs are usually the trending songs among Chinese netizens.

6. Sing Tao Chinese Radio

Sing Tao Chinese Radio is the radio station run by Sing Tao News in San Francisco. Listeners can access its Cantonese program at AM 1400 and Mandarin at FM 96.1. It provides the latest news reports and analysis that people need today in the San Francisco Bay Area

6. Easy FM

Easy FM is a popular radio station in Beijing, China. It broadcasts on 91.5 FM in Beijing and 87.9 FM in Shanghai. The programs are mostly in English and some are bilingual. It features various funny and interesting topics and classic music.

7. Hit FM

Hit FM is a radio station in Beijing, China at 88.7 FM. Just like its name tells, the station focuses on various hit music in China. Most of its programs are in Mandarin.

8. VOA Chinese Radio

VOA Chinese Radio is maybe the most popular one in the Chinese world. I do not think there is too much to tell here.

9. KAZN Chinese Radio

KAZN (AM 1300) is a 24 hours Mandarin radio station in Los Angeles, the USA. It features its interviews with lots of Chinese celebrities from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

10. RTHK Radio HK

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK for short) is a public broadcasting station in Hong Kong.

Of course there are many other cool radio stations like Tunein and Surfmusic for choice. Please let me know which one is your favorite? Or do you know any other online radio service? Share with us by adding a comment below.

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  1. Paulo Rui de Matos Duarte Duarte says:

    unfortunately radio beijing international is not broadcasts by now on the internet i´m very said because is an excelente radio station beijing foreign broadcast 774 AM

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