Top 10 Chinese Style Christmas Gifts

If have a Chinese friend or relative and hope to send a gift for the coming Christmas Holiday, or if you want to display some exotic Chinese elements in your house. You should consider getting some Chinese style Christmas gifts. Here we offer you some Xmas gift ideas which will sure to leave an deep impression on you or your friends and make your Christmas a special one.

1. Christmas Ornament Merry Christmas in Chinese

merry christmas in chinese

Beautiful colors and exquisite design Christmas ornament with”Merry Christmas” in Chinese, 圣诞快乐 !
$15.99 Amazon

2. Chinese Dragon Ornament

chinese dragon Ornament

A nice dragon pewter ornament, a holiday ornament for a dragon lover during Christmas holiday.
$8.95 Amazon

3. Great Wall of China Christmas Ornament

great wall of china christmas ornamentThe beautiful ornament with grand Great Wall, green mountains and trees makes a great gift for Christmas.
$12.99 Amazon

4. Chinese 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Chinese 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

A well-designed handmade 3D Pop Up greeting card for your Christmas holiday and new year holiday.
$7.99 Amazon

5. Chinese Knot

Chinese knot

Chinese Knot is a kind of very popular traditional handicraft art in China. This is one of the best Chinese gifts for exchange.
$14.99 Amazon

6. Chinese Chopsticks with Double Dragons

Chinese Chopsticks with Double DragonsChinese chopsticks are instruments used by Chinese when eating. The chopsticks with double Chinese dragons are full of Chinese flavor.
$14.99 Amazon

7.  Chinese Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

chinese oolong tea

“Anxi Tie Guan Yin” is one of the most famous Oolong Tea in China. A cup of tea will make you feel good all the day during Christmas and New Year holidays.
$25.59 Amazon

8. Panda Hat

Panda hatWearing a Panda hat in Christmas day can be very cool and very Chinese style.
$13.86 Amazon

9. Chinese Poster

chinese poster

A traditional Chinese poster often reflects a propitious life scene. It is a very special gift for Christmas.
€50,00 Vintageposter

10. Peking Opera Mask

peking opera mask

This is a hand-painted Peking opera mask is an excellent Chinese style gift.
$12.98 Amazon

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