Top 10 Chinese Beers You Should Try

Each summer, beer will become a popular drink for the Chinese locals and China expats. You will find people chatting and enjoying different kinds of beers at barbecue stands, bars or restaurants. Beer has become an enjoyment of life for many Chinese. If you travel to China, you should have some and live like a local, Below are several famous Chinese beer brands you may try.

1. TSINGTAO Beer 青岛啤酒

TSINGTAO Tsingtao is a world famous beer brand. It was founded in Qingdao city by German and British settlers in 1903. Tsingtao beer is made from four ingredients — fine hops, barley, rice and clean Laoshan mineral water. The alcohol content is between 3.5%-4%. Tsingtao beer is crystal and clear with light yellow color, white foams and creates a long lasting fresh clean scent.

2. SNOW Beer 雪花啤酒

Snow Beer ChinaSnow beer is the biggest-selling beer in China and even in the world. It tastes light, crisp and refreshing, together with its dynamic, active and modern brand personality, make it very popular among young Chinese people.

3. YANJING Beer 燕京啤酒

yanjing beerYanjing Beer is very popular in northern China. It has a clean, smooth and refreshing taste and owns inviting wheat fragrance. This beer is named the state beer of China.

4. PEARLRIVER Beer 珠江啤酒

Pearriver beerPearlriver Beer is produced in Guangzhou, south of China. The beer is named after the Pearl River, or Zhujiang River. Pearl River Beer is a 5.3% abv pale lager. With mellow and fresh flavor, Its draft beer tastes really very good.

5. SHANCHENG Beer 山城啤酒

Shancheng BeerShancheng Beer is popular mainly in Chongqing and its neighboring areas. The Shancheng brand was first introduced in the 1970s. The beer is popular for its refreshing taste and  is a perfect match for Chongqing hot pot. If you travel to Chongqing, you should not miss it.

6. HARBIN Beer 哈尔滨啤酒

Harbin BeerHarbin beer was brewed in Harbin City in 1900, making it the earliest beer producer in China. Harbin Beer is very popular  in Northeast China.  It has a distinctive refreshing European flavor and tastes better when it is cold.

7. SEDRIN Beer 雪津啤酒

SEDRIN BeerSedrin Beer is produced in Putian, Fujian, China. The beer is light, contains a lower alcohol content and very suitable for young people.

8. Kingstar Beer 金星啤酒

Kingstar BeerKingstar Beer is produced in central China`s Henan Province. The beer is with pale yellow color, crystal and tastes very light.

9. Kingway Beer 金威啤酒

Kingway beer

Kingway beer is based in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The beer has a clear, golden appearance and the taste is crisp and feels light in the mouth.

10. Huiquan Beer 惠泉啤酒

Huiquan beerHuiquan Beer is the largest beer producer in Fujian province, southeast of China. The beer is very light and easy to drink with a hint of fruitiness in the aroma.

8 Responses

  1. Phyrwrks says:

    Fir the most part, the comments are correct. Watch out for old beer. Chinese beer is dated for 2-6 months. A short shelf life. Not positive about keeping it refrigerated for longer, but why would you?

  2. Joe Mammoa says:

    What a useless article. All those beers taste relatively the same–piss water at best. This comment above is equally bad as Bad Monkey taste like it was made..well, by a bad monkey.

    • beth gold says:

      chinese no bad monkey – highest iq – longest continuous grandest first 8000yrs civilization (not 5000 – they just dig up some artifacts)
      bad monkey? uk usa – colonize/war/destroy around non stop n black brown criminal genes dna races – don’t make any more they suffer world suffer

  3. Bud Daily says:

    Snow is the #1 Selling Beer in the World ! 1 out of every 20 beers consumed worldwide,or just better than 5% of all beer sold worldwide is a Snow Beer. Tsingtao is the #2 Selling Beer in the World & unlike Snow a significant amount of it is exported. Bud Light & Budweiser are #3 & #4 Worldwide respectively & are brewed by AB/InBev The world’s largest brewer headquartered in Belgium.

    • Shane says:

      Those beers are only the biggest selling beers in the world because of their decades of history and because of their ridiculously cheap price which is because of their decades of history. Has nothing to do with the quality of the beer. They’re all garbage.

    • Rich says:

      I’m am american living in China. All four of those beers suck. That said I’d take a Bud Heavy over the other three. Harbin isn’t too strong, but it’s tasty with food. Yet to have a truly good Chinese beer that wasn’t a craft beer. Usually just drink Henken here

  4. Michael Daniel Marcelo says:

    Good Beer and Beutiful Woman.Nice and tight.Make me really Horny.I love beer.Keep good work umm brew some good hops yum rice.Beer make happy.

  5. Yunnan Guy says:

    If you really want to try some good Chinese beer, head down to beautiful Dali Old Town in China’s southwestern Yunnan province and pop into the Bad Monkey. Best beer I ever had in China, hands down… Even gives my native California craft breweries a run for their money, if you ask me!

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