Top 10 China news sites in English

The Top 10 China News Sites brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for news on China today. That way you get quick one-stop access to the best of the Net for China news sites.

1. Chinadaily USA

China Daily US Edition is a tailor-made version of China Daily, China’s national English-language newspaper, for North American readers. T Edition features reporting on Chinese business, politics, society, and culture from both sides of the Pacific.

2. People Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, founded on Jan. 1, 1997, is a large-scale information platform constructed by People’s Daily – one of the world’s top ten newspapers. It is also one of the largest comprehensive Internet media on the Internet. As a leading key news website in China, it upholds “authority and strength generated from people”.

3. XinHuaNet

Established on November 7, 1997, as an online news provider of the Xinhua News Agency, it was officially named Xinhuanet on March 10, 2000 and began around-the-clock news release with leading online public opinion at home and setting a good image of China abroad as its main task.

4. offers broad access to up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position papers and a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

5. Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily provides an English window to the news of China. Business-focused, it also reports on social, cultural and diplomatic developments in Shanghai and the surrounding region. Shanghai Daily, first published on October 1, 1999, is now the premier English-language newspaper in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. Today, it has become the only English-language newspaper that publishes seven days a week on the Chinese mainland.

6. CNTV English

CCTV NEWS is the English language news channel of China Central Television (CCTV), the nation’s largest national broadcasting network. The channel grew out of CCTV International, which was launched on September 25, 2000. Its wide range of coverage includes newscasts, in-depth reports, and commentary programs, as well as a host of feature presentations.

7. Global Times

The English-language Global Times is your key to understanding China’s changes. Founded in April 2009, the paper is one of the most dynamic players among Chinese media, and has rapidly become the major English newspaper in the nation. It provides in-depth coverage of controversial stories, from child AIDS victims to urban renewal, forced demolition and the fight against corruption. Its opinion pages feature heated debate over tough issues such as China’s use of the death penalty, the challenges of forming a new international order, and the nation’s growing wealth gap.

8. Yahoo China News   Closed!

You can get the latest China news headlines from Yahoo News. Find breaking China news with in-depth coverage including analysis and opinions.

9. South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post is Hong Kong’s premier English language newspaper. Since we first published in 1903, the South China Morning Post has been at the cutting edge of delivering authoritative, influential and independent news and analysis on Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia.

10. BBC News China

You will get the recent China news from BBC News China: breaking news, features, … Nobel laureates and Chinese writers and activists.

Besides the above top 10 Chinese News websites, you can also find the latest news about China on and Huffingtonpost. Do you know any other good news sites about China? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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  2. Vincent says:

    Lol, people claim propaganda have never seen Western news. Now those are propaganda!

  3. Alex SA says:

    I found what I would have expected even on the BBC news site.

    Thank you.

  4. Kanhe Juede says:


    #1 China Daily… haha

    It’s all propaganda until 9 & 10 … and they’re both completely censored/restricted/banned in China… however not in Taiwan & HK… hmmm…

  5. Li says:

    Was this written by Xi Jinping! Some alwful, dishonest propaganda machines is not a list of the best!

  6. Sam says:

    I read more on Huffingtonpost and BBC news…

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