Top 8 best Chinese restaurants

Good food is the basic necessity of life which is required by one and all. It is the one thing that commands the life of the people. It can make you roam around the whole world just for its achievement.  The quality of food and its serving style basically attracts the foodies towards the restaurants. Chinese restaurants are in much demand nowadays. Chinese food is famous for its unique style recipes and the taste of the food. The Chinese food has taken over the world from Far East to the America to the India to various other parts of the world. No country is unfamiliar with the taste of Chinese food.

Chinese cuisines are diversified in their variety and can be available in any Chinese restaurant in your city. Those people who do not like to eat out, likes to eat the Chinese food. It is not only popular in the cities with the Chinese population but also with people of some other regions. But we can’t deny the fact that when one thing becomes much popular in the city, its originality gets depleted and the duplicity of the stuff is introduced with lower rates and lower standards. So, finding a good standard restaurant for any cuisine is a bit difficult task since the authentication in the cooking process is getting worse.

To head to some best Chinese food restaurants, you can be guided by our list given below:-

  1. Da Dong Roast Duck– This restaurant is good for romantic, business, local cuisine, and special occasion dining and entertainment clients. It is located in Beijing. The service and staff is excellent.
  2. Yung Kee- This is the most famous restaurant in Hong Kong for the Chinese cuisines. Roast goose, sucking pig and pigeons are its most famous food. It is located in Wellington Street, Central. Some people believe that if you went to Hong Kong and you didn’t have even a single meal in Yung Kee, then your trip is incomplete.
  3. Ting Li Guan Restaurant– This restaurant is located in Beijing. The table delicacies of this very place absorb the famous eight cuisines of China and other cuisines of the minority group. One needs to book the table one hour before the meal time.
  4. Haungcheng Loama– It is regarded as the one of the most famous hot spot restaurants of China. It is located in the Qing yang District, Chengu. It mainly represents Sichuan culture with the entertainment offers in the form or shadow plays.
  5. Tao Tao Ju– This restaurant is found on the walking streets of the Guangzhou. Its specialties are steamed bread with milks and eggs, shrimp dumpling, ox and mutton hassles soup.
  6. Yiyuan Restaurant– This sichuanese restaurant on Nanhaun Lu has alluring English and all wood exterior menus. The spices of this restaurant are imported from Sichuan.
  7. Hoi King Hing– It provides delicious Cantonese cuisines that are one of the finest among the world. The dim sums are made very well in the basic or customized way.
  8. Di Shui Dong– this spicy restaurant is located in the Shanghai. Spicy chicken with red chilies is the endeavor of this small place restaurant.

Author Bio:- Neha feel good to write article on food, restaurant & recipes for  a perfect Restaurant + Lounge located in Canada. She share’s recipes of Barbeque pork slices, Fried Wontons & delicious starters etc.

2 Responses

  1. RanE says:

    Thanks for introducing these restaurants. I will add them to my list 🙂

    However, I think China along with its cuisines are way to big and it’s virtually impossible to rank the top ten best restaurants. Especially because size doesn’t matter and the best food is usually found in small restaurants.

    By the way, the title says top ten but the list has only eight items.

    • Peter says:

      It is a slip of the pen, I have corrected to top 8. The list is just a personal ranking, every person has its own taste and different top list, The list above just give you “some” good restaurants for reference.

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