The 5 Huge Chinese Slogans Found On Google Earth

Do you often use Google Earth to look for some interesting things on the earth? If yes, you should check these huge special slogans on chinese land. Below are the screenshots of those huge Chinese slogans found on Google Earth and the homologous coordinates. These Chinese characters, are apparently huge enough for the Google Earth. They are so large that i don’t know how much work has been did to finish it and why they were created.

1. 毛主席万万岁 “Long long live Chairman Mao”

chinese slogan google earth 1Coordinates  42 39’18.85″ N 94 10’00.80″ E, 400m long , 50m wide

2.  为人民服务 “Serve the People”

chinese slogan google earth 2Coordinates  42 32’33.95″ N 94 19’36.80″ E, 300m long , 50m wide

3. 只争朝夕 “Seize the minute, seize the hour”

chinese slogan google earth 3Coordinates 42 39’33.30″ N 94 16’00.59″ E,230m long,50m wide

4. 向斗争中学习 “Learn from struggles”

chinese slogan google earth 4Coordinates 42 27’40.95″ N 94 14’36.80″ E,400m long, 50m wide

5. 排除万难去争取胜利 “Surmount every difficulty to win victory”

chinese slogan google earth 5 Coordinates 42 27’12.08″ N 94 08’49.36″ E,500m long, 50m wide

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