The 10 most talked-about figures in China 2012

Who are the most talked-about people in China of 2012. Recently released the top 10 figures who are most talked online by Chinese netizens, here is the list:

No. 1  Mo Yan: Mo gave a speech “Storyteller” at the Nobel awards banquet.

 2. Bo Xilai: Bo was formally expelled from China’s Communist Party

 No. 3  Kim Jong Un:  The supreme leader of North Korea  gave ‘satellite’ launch order

No. 4  Yang Dacai:  Chinese work safety official photographed grinning at the scene of a fatal bus crash was removed from his post for possessing a number of expensive watches and serious violation of discipline.
No. 5 Jeremy Lin: His 136 points in his five NBA starts is the highest point total for any player in his first five starts since John Drew tallied 139 points for the Atlanta Hawks in 1974-75. Among players who began their career since 1970, when Elias became the official statistician of the NBA, the high mark for the first six starts is 162 by Bob Lanier and Charlie Scott.
No. 6  Liu Yang:  Liu Yang, 33, made history June 16, when she became China’s first female astronaut to blast off into outer space
No. 7 PSY: “Gangnam Style” hits China and its dance has been imitated by numerous Chinese.
No. 8 Li Yongbo: The coach of the Chinese badminton players reponded to neative competition in London Olympics.
No. 9 Li Mochou:  Talent show signer Li Mochou became a new rising star on TV reality show “The Voice of China.”
10. Lu Ruoqing: Lu Ruoqing (nickname), a 23-year-old woman with leukemia fighting for life wrote some posts on her Sina Weibo account and brought her overnight fame.

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