The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Tibet

Tibet is an unpolluted paradise on the earth. There are a vast number of pure lakes scattered over the Tibetan Plateau. These lakes, fresh or saltwater, create enchanting beauty and often invite visitors to enter an illusion. Here collected are 10 beautiful lakes in Tibet, China.

1. Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar is a fresh-water lake located at the foot of Mount Kailash in Tibet. Its surface area is 320 square kilometers. Manasarovar Lake lies at 4,556 m above the sea level. It is the highest large freshwater lake in the world.

2. Dangra Yutso Lake

The Dangra Yutso Lake is a saltwater lake. It lies at the foot of snowy mountains in Nyema County in Tibet. The lake is 4,528 meters above sea level, covering 835.8 square meters. The best time to Lake Dangra Yutso is between July and September.

3. Dangchung Tso Lake

Dangchung Tso Lake

The Dangchung Tso Lake sits in the same lake basin as the Dangra Yutso Lake. It also means “little Dangra Yutso Lake” in Tibetan language, for the two lakes used to be one lake before its water dried out.

4. Namtso Lake

Namtso lake

Namtso, whose means “heavenly lake” in Tibetan language. The surface of the lake is 4718 above sea level. With over 70-kilometers length from east to west and over 30-kilometers width from north to south. Namtso is crowned as the head of the three saint lakes in Tibet and a famous pilgrimage place for Tibetan Buddhism.

5. Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is about 12 kilometers away from Turi County, Ngari Prefecture in the west of Tibet. The lake is about 155 kilometers in length. The lake surface is 4,250 meters above sea level. The east of the lake is fresh water while middle-west with salt water.

6. Lannga Co Lake

Lannga Co Lake

Lannga Co Lake is a Saltwater lake, located in Burang County in the west of Tibet. The lake surface is 4,572 meters above sea level. The passage between the two lakes is the only way to get in or out of Burang.

 7. Zhari Namco Lake

Zhari Namco Lake

Zhari Namco Lake is loacted in Coque County, Ali Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet. Zhari Namco is the third largest saltwater lake in Tibet, covering an area of 1,023 square kilometers. The lake surface is 4,613 meters above sea level.

8. Rinchen Xiubu Co Lake

Rinchen Xiubu Co Lake 1.jpg

Rinchen Xiubu Co Lake is a saltwater lake, which is located in the north of Zhongbao County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet. The lake area is 187.1 square meters and lake surface altitude is 4,756 meters

9. Yamzhog Yumco Lake

Yamzhog Yumco Lake

Yamzhog Yumco is a salt water lake. It lies in Nanggarze County, Lhoka Prefecture, southern Tibet, about 70 kilometers to the southwest of Lhasa. The lake covers an area of 678 square meters with altitude of 4,441 meters.

10. Dagze Co Lake

Dagze Co Lake

Dagze Co Lake is a saltwater lake. It lies in a a garben basin in Nyema County, Nagqu Prefecture, northern Tibet. The lake has an area of 244.7 square kilometers with an altitude of 4,459 meters.

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