5 Steps to Select a Tour to China

There are so many tour companies offering tours to China; it can seem overwhelming to make a selection. Read on for tips on how to pick the right  operator for you china trip.

1. Find guide and tips. China is a big country with many natural and historic sites. Go and visit some tourist sites to see what they recommend. Then list what you want to see most. The most authentic recommendations comes from Lonely Planet.comNewyork Times.com

2. Look for operators. The best way is to connect with local tour operator. They provide much lower price with latest travel information about China than the international operators. Now a lot of operators in China offer online service.

3. Research several tour packages. Take the time to study the tour description and itinerary. Look at the price, mode of transportation, meals included; entrance fees included and location of the hotels (visit the hotel websites to see the rooms and location). The price varies a lot for different inclusions.

4. Look for a theme tour. If you want to specialize in a certain type of travel, look for a tour operator with expertise like Into China Travel.

5. Narrow your options to two or three operators and then compare. Visit travel website forums to read traveler reviews of the tours and the tour operators. The most active forums are Frommers.com, Virtualtourist.com. Look to see if the company recommended by some famous neutral tourist Tripadvisor.com

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