5 Things You Should Know About Chinese Women and Children

I believe the wedding day with your Chinese woman is wonderful. And then the honeymoon is terrific. Then you are back home, you start to get used to the marriage routine. Then after for a while, relatives of your Asian wife  start to ask you when are you going to have a baby? You have a feeling you need to discuss with your new Chinese wife about that. So what things you should know about this topic.

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Asian women and children

1. The mixed children are often pretty good looking.

Maybe the children just inherit the great feature from the father and mother. In China or in other Asian cities, the children of the mixed race look pretty handsome and beautiful. And it’s very common for them to have a job as being a model or TV starts after they grow up.

2. English or Chinese?

Let’s assume English is your native language is and Mandarin is the native language for your Chinese wife. Your children should have a greater advantage for his or her language ability. But there always two languages being spoken in the house, so which language should you teach your child first. Well it’s worth to try the effort to get your child to be –bi lingual maybe. If your Chinese wife is from Guangzhou or Hong Kong, then it’s possible your wife can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese and your child can acquire three different language skills or more.

3. Pay attention for the culture difference

Besides the language, you should also pay attention to the cultural difference issue. For example, should your child go to private school or public school?  How about religion and tradition? Should you and your child celebrate the Chinese or Western festival or both?

4. The Education and Discipline

This brings a further question. I know in China, it’s quite common to see that the child still sleep with the parents around the age of five. This may sound surprising for some of the westerns. So issue like this you should have discussed with your wife in advance. You do not want to argue about it in front of the children, don’t you?

5. Staying in China or not?

Last but not least, this is a quite important question for you and your Chinese wife. If you want to stay in China for the long term, should you buy an apartment? Are you able to afford it or not? If you want to take your Chinese wife and child back to your country, this could take more than a year or so depending on where are you from. Do some research in advance to accelerate the process in the future.

It’s always helpful to understand the issue that may occur in the future, which is crucial to maintain a healthy relationship with your Asian woman. Check out more information here: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1rlooy/why_asian_women_are_statistically_more_wanted/


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