5 Most Weird Meals You Can Eat in China

Everybody loves Chinese food! We all find it tasty, exotic and we enjoy it. Chinese food recipes are famous and well-known across the world. But are we really familiar with the Chinese food? Do we know its traditions? Many Chinese meals are intolerable because of their content, taste or way of preparing. Here are some of the weirdest Chinese meals. Some of them are well known and for some you may not even hear of. But if you have planned to spend your holiday in this exotic country, then you should at least be aware of what you may be served in a traditional Chinese restaurant.

1. Balut

pre-mature chicken 1 eggThis dish is actually cooked duck embryos prepared in boiling water. Balut is also called ‘maodan‘ in some parts of China. The dish consists of one or more fertilized duck eggs, which are then left for more than two weeks and after that cooked in boiling water. They consume it with the shell intact, only when the embryo has fully developed. It is said to be a great source of proteins. Its flavor is very delightful and succulent, although many people still refuse to eat it on account that it just doesn’t look edible. It is a touristic attraction and a lot of people find eating this meal as the strangest experiences in their lives.

2. Dog meat

Dog meat is another weird dish which you can be offered in China. Despite the fact that it is a source of a lot of epidemics, especially SARS epidemics, caused by the consume of dog meat, Chinese people still find dog meat as a very delicious one and have no problem with the bad consequences that follow it.

3. Snake bloodsnake blood china

Although in most parts of the world, snake blood is considered poisonous and deadly; in China snake blood is served as a fine alcoholic beverage. It is famous in South East Asia as well. In rice wine snakes, turtles, insects and other various creatures are often mixed into the concoction and can be left there to ferment as long as a couple of month It is believed that this beverage can cure a lot of diseases.

4. Worm filled lollipops

Worm filled lollipops are filled with oatmeal worms and grasshoppers. First they’re roasted and fried and then they are put in the mixture of the lollipop. This weird meal is also known as a great source of nutrition and protein and prevents the risk of a heart attack. The look of the dead worms, although, stuck inside the lollipop is also intolerable and will probably make you change your mind about tasting this dish at all.

5. Drunken shrimp

Drunken shrimpDrunken shrimp is a delicacy in which live shrimp are dipped in alcohol, in most cases some kind of liquor, in order to make the consumption easier. In different parts of China there are different recipes for this meal. In some parts of the country, shrimps are marinated in alcohol after they’re boiled, whereas in others shrimps have to be treated in alcohol and then cooked in boiled water. But in all of the cases, this dish is considered as a serious risk for your health.

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