10 Worst Chinese To English Translations Ever

Some awkward Chinese to English translations always raise a laugh. I have created several similar posts before and now I offer you another funny collection. Please let me know what you think by leaving comments below.

ligerWhat they meant to say: Liger.

xian people no comeWhat they meant to say: Staff Only

Ukraine Plum JuiceWhat they meant to say: Smoked Plum Juice

the sea fuck goodsWhat they meant to say: Dried Seafood Area

slip carefullyWhat they meant to say:  Caution–Wet Floor

public toilet tourismWhat they meant to say: Public Toilet For Tourists

open the water houseWhat they meant to say: Hot Water Room.

may reclaimWhat they meant to say: Recyclables, Non-recyclables.

Mang Out after shitWhat they meant to say: Please Flush After Use

O YeahWhat they meant to say: Adult Shop. (I think this is a good translation!: )

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  1. John Lee says:

    Even the Chinese phrases for some of those signs aren’t even correct. (For example, Public Toilet For Tourists should be “旅客洗手間” or “旅客公廁”.) If they can’t get the Chinese right, how can they even get English translation correct?

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