10 Ways to Help You Learn Better Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese is actually quite fun and interesting! Earlier this year, we are taking our time to ask more than 50 bloggers what are their Top Resources and “secrets” to learn Mandarin Chinese. Within two months, we have received so many feedback and we decided to put together an Info graphic for Chinese learners.

Here I would like to share Info graphic from Learn Mandarin Now ! If you want to know each blogger’s response about Chinese learning, you can take a look at our post here: How to learn Chinese: LEARN CHINESE THE WAY 50+ PROFESSIONAL BLOGGERS DO. Happy Reading! I hope you enjoy your Chinese Study!

Learn Mandarin Now Infographic

For more Chinese learning tips, you may go to www.learnmandarinnow.com. You can read some useful articles shared by some experienced Chinese learners. Hope it will help you move along your journey to a fluent Chinese speaker and reader.

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