10 Top Romantic Date Ideas that Chinese Women Love

Here are the Top 10 Romantic Date Ideas with Chinese Women because –

  • According to a study, there is only a 25% chance that you will end meeting up someone great. However, there are full chances that you will get accidentally waiting for it.
  • Getting a real date is really difficult. Let me unveil a very shocking statistics – In the time duration of 7 days, only 11 percent of the people went on a date only once or twice. In the time duration of a month, it increased to 30 percent and sadly, 36 percent of the people never went on a date.chinese girl dating ideas

What are some of the Fun Date Ideas?

  • Watch Sunrise Together at 5 AM
  • Paintball is a fun game to test your relationship’s level
  • Discover the fancy street food culture of your city, maybe like Chang’s Chinese Street Food

What are some First Date Ideas?

  • If you both are comfortable, Do a French Kiss
  • Have Italian Food as it is loved by most people all over the world
  • Post photos of both of you on Instagram to let her know that you value her in your life

Some Autumn Date Night Ideas –

  • Here’s a romantic date idea – Take a Bike Ride
  • Organize a Flag football Double Date
  • Get Nostalgic on a long drive

Cute Date Ideas –

  • For Married Couples : Go on a hike
  • You can try a new restaurant together or maybe a new fun recipe
  • Build a camp fire or throw a casino night

These are the most Unique and Creative Date Ideas

  • Go Bungee Jumping
  • Arrange a Backyard Camping
  • Go Zip lining

What are the most unique date ideas in New York City?

  • Wine Tasting at Kings County Distillery
  • Spend Quality Time at the Russian Tea Room
  • Forage in Prospect State Park
  • Take a walking tour around New York’s Famous Times Square

You need to look for something Special

See, you need to understand that you need to do something way apart than taking your date on a mere picnic or a new restaurant. For example, you can take your date to a sport’s event. Why? Read the Stat Below –

Stat Supporting the Claim – We all know that men loves sports more than women. There’s also a scientific reason behind why it is so. But, according to a Gallup Poll that was conducted a few years back, a shocking statistics was revealed. 51 percent of the women claimed that they are diehard sports fans too, and 46 percent of the women considered themselves as avid gamers.

Plan to go a “Travel-Themed” Date Together

You can plan a ‘Travel – Themed’ Date together at your home anytime. The one way is to prepare food from different countries. The benefit of this perfect date is that you can arrange such a date at any time of the day. It can be a wonderful date night idea.

49 Wonderful Ideas for a Melbourne Unforgettable Date

  1. Take a walking tour along the beach of St Kilda
  2. Pizza in The Park
  3. You can try Pot Painting at the Glaze It Studio
  4. You can try playing some board games
  5. Visit an Art Gallery
  6. Take a Salsa Dance Lesson together
  7. Try some Artistic Cocktails
  8. Pamper her at Miss Fox
  9. Party at Secret Foodies with others
  10. Have a drink at the famous Public House of Richmond
  11. Go for punting on the lake
  12. Take your partner to Ice Skating
  13. Find you way to a peaceful mind
  14. Have a dessert in the Adelphi Hotel at the Om Nom Dessert Bar
  15. You can have a Dream Date filled with chocolates
  16. You can eat Dumplings together on a date to know them better
  17. Take a life drawing class together
  18. Catch a Drive-in Movie in Movie Theatre, especially in these time of Corona
  19. Taking a cooking class together
  20. Hit the driving range
  21. Along the Yarra River, take a ride on the bike
  22. You can even try playing volleyball at the beautiful beach of St. Kilda
  23. At Noisy Ritual, Try Grape Stomping
  24. Get Close to your date by getting close to some Farm Furry Animals
  25. Along the Tan Track, Go for a long walk
  26. Plan A Picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne
  27. Karaoke and Bingo at Tokyo Tina is a super fun date idea
  28. Dance together to the smooth sounds of Jazz
  29. You can both together gaze at the beautiful stars at the Planetarium of Melbourne
  30. You can even try taking a night stroll through the night market of Queen Victoria
  31. Night Tours of Old Melbourne Gaol
  32. Have Beers and Burgers at Rooftop Restaurants
  33. Sing Karaoke at the Ichi Ni Nana
  34. Watch a show together at the Melbourne Theatre Company
  35. Take a Tour of the Drinking History
  36. Go to a Cheese Making Workshop
  37. When tired, cool down at the Icebar of Melbourne
  38. Look for Melbourne Cinema i.e. Immersive Cinema
  39. Try something extremely wild at Zoo Twilights
  40. Go to an arcade
  41. Try Axe Throwing
  42. Seek thrills at the Adventure Trees Park
  43. Try the old Classic 10 Pin Bowling
  44. Get extremely silly at Bounce
  45. You can even play a Virtual Reality Game
  46. Go for Rollerblade around the city of Melbourne
  47. Try Rock Climbing
  48. Unlock the Adventure of Escape Room
  49. Unleash your creative side at a Sip and Paint

chinese girl dating

What are some Brooklyn’s Best Summer Date Ideas?

  • Have a beach day at the United State’s most iconic shores
  • Do this cool thing : Take your partner to the Coney Island’s Ball Game
  • Explore the fantastic Sunset view or the many zones of a Bushwick District Area


These are the most wonderful and top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese Partners!

Good News on your way as you walk away – 

Do you know that the lockdown in the New York City decreased the spread of COVID-19 by a whopping 70 percent? 

The Answers To Questions you have been looking for – 

  • What are some of the top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese Women? 

Answer – 1.Sailing

  1. Skydiving 
  2. Bowling
  3. Mini Golf
  4. Trampolining
  5. Axe Throwing 
  6. Dance Classes
  7. Ice Skating 
  • Is  A Chinese Valentine’s Day Celebrated? 

Double Seven Festival and Lantern Festival are celebrated as Chinese Valentine’s Day. 

  • Where do you like to take dates with top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women? 

Wherever my date is comfortable. 

  • What are your top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women in New York City?
      1. Go Boating
      2. Take A stroll around Brooklyn Bridge
      3. Watch an outdoor movie instead of watching a film in the movie theater
  • How do the People of China Celebrate their Valentine’s Day in China? 

Chinese people celebrate their Valentine’s Day by arranging a date, exchanging gifts or even doing a marriage registration. 

  • What should I do on a first date in the beautiful city of Melbourne?

You can try doing something on a date from the top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women that will make both of you rely on each other like Skydiving.

  • What Gifts Should You Give Your Partner in top 10 Romantic Date ideas with Chinese women? 

Gifts from Chinese Men – Flowers, Jewelry, Chocolates

Gifts from Chinese Women – Watch, Shirt, Wallet 

  • Why Won’t You Date a person like Me with top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women? 

I don’t like people who cannot plan a simple good date. 

  • Why is the Lantern Festival celebrated as the top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women as Valentine’s Day in Ancient China? 

Unmarried Girls were only allowed to step out during the Lantern Festival in Ancient China, and possibly for a date. Therefore, Lantern Festival begun celebrating as the Chinese’s Valentine Day. 

  • What are the top 10 romantic date ideas with Chinese women in the city of Melbourne?

When you are bored in the city of Melbourne, do something that you have never experienced before like eating a cuisine you haven’t heard of, or maybe learning a new skill. 

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