10 Funny Translations From Chinese to English

Even though Chinese people begin to study English from primary school. Many people can not use it correctly. They study English just for the sole purpose of having a good mark in the test instead of using it in work and daily life. And when not using it for several years after graduation. Many almost forget how to write and speak even a simple word. If they have to use it in their work , they will turn to some translation tools such as “Google translation”. While a translation tool is of course unreliable. You can not completely reply on it to do the translation job. You should use your brain to get a at least readable meaning. If you totally depend on this kind of tools. You will get lost in the translation and becomes into a laughing stock.

Below is a series interesting collection of Chinese-English translations errors and similar mistakes can be found in many places in China. It may be more funny when you understand why the translations are so messed up.

What they meant to say: Let others off first before getting on, for an enjoyable bus ride.

What they meant to say: Entrance of Kaifeng Bus Station. In order to keep order and courtesy, please follow the queue to the entrance.

What they meant to say: Please wait behind the one meter line.

What they meant to say: Unpackaged dried fruits

What they meant to say: Caution, Wet Floor

What they meant to say: Under construction

What they meant to say: Don’t drink and drive

What they meant to say: Deputy Chairman Office, Women and Children’s Operating Committee Office

What they meant to say: Come this way please!

funny chinese to english translation

What they meant to say: Mind your head! Cation, wet floor!

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  1. Selina Chen says:

    As a Chinese, I am so used to long hilarious Chinglish Signs. I can understand them by literally translate back to Chinese. But these is translations are definitely misleading to foreigners.

  2. hahahah says:


  3. lol says:

    That is so shocking

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