Top 7 Websites to Watch Chinese Movies Online for Free

There will be some difficulties for foreigners to search for free Chinese movies on the Internet, as Chinese is widely considered a “difficult” language to learn. That’s the reason why I create this post which lists the seven popular movie websites which allow movie lovers to Chinese films for free:

Some movie sites can be accessed with China IP only. So if you live outside of mainland China, they only way is to use VPN to unlock the site.

1.  Iqiyi Movie is owned by Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine company. offers various full-length and copyrighted contents including movies, TV shows, animation, documentaries, musics…etc. The site only allows China IP to access, if you live outside of China you must use VPN to unlock the site.

2.  M1905 is the official movie site of China’s national CCTV Movie Channel. The site provides columns like movies, videos, movie rankings, movie stars, movie blog…etc. It boasts 1,400 genuine HD movies with 3 extra movies added each day. M1905 is so amazing, it is free of copyright restrictions, and people can watch all its movies instantly anywhere in the world for free.

3.  Sohu Movie

sohu moviesSohu Movie is one of China’s most popular streaming movie websites. The site provides thousands of movies and TV series for free. Even some of latest American movies and TV shows are available legally. But all those movies are only available for Mainland China. Users outside of mainland China need to us VPN to unlock the site.

4. Youku Movie Everyone knows Youku in China, a similar video site like YouTube. Its movie channel hosts a large number of both Chinese and foreign movies, including many top blockbusters. However all Youku movies are only available with IP from China due to copyright restrictions. If you want to watch movies on Youku outside China, you need to unblock Youku with VPN.

5.  Xunlei Kankan Movie Xunlei Kankan is another popular Chinese movie website. The site owns lots of copyrighted movies, TV series and other programs. At present all its movies are available only with IP from China, so if users outside China want to watch its streaming movies, the only way is to use VPN.

6.  QQ Movie

If you know a bit about China, you must hear of QQ, the most widely used instant messenger in China. Its movie channel – QQ Movie – is one of the most visited movie sites The site provides the latest domestic and foreign movies (Users need VPN to unlock the site).

7.  56 Movie

56 movie56 Movie provides HD copyrighted movies. You can enjoy its hundreds of HD movies and TV series online free legally. The site does not have IP restrictions, which means users form any corner of the world can watch those movies for free.

Besides above movie sites, you can also watch Chinese movies on other sites such as (you can watch all movies in any country),  Yahoo Video and

And you can also check the post – 5 Best Websites to Watch Chinese Movies Online. English movie website is also a good place to enjoy Chinese movies.

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20 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    these look like good sites.However they are presented in Zhongwen and I cannot read.Is there a way or a place to click on to view in english?

  2. Devid says:

    Watch Online Movies in HD without redirecting in Los Movies
    for free! You will not regret:

  3. PanditHD says:

    I watch chinese movies in my free time but most of the time I go for hollywood stuff. Always loved the easy HD version on

    • lawbert says:

      There is nothing to watch. It just asks you to watch ads and download some unnecessary software, if not spyware, without knowing it.

  4. Chetan says:

    Watch Tv cerials – serials, Tv shows, Recent Movies, Short Movies, Cartoons – Disney, Movie Trailers and other entertainments. Visit

  5. David says:

    Hi, is there any way of watching these movies with English subtitles? Thanks

  6. qwerty says:

    So…no english subtitles…and not viewable anywhere but on the mainland. Why did you make this post? Oh, right, for the same reason you made the “Top 10 Chinese breasts” post- web traffic and ads…friggin’ hack.

    • Peter says:

      As mentioned at the top of my post, you need use VPN service to watch these movies. Some movies have English subtitles, some don’t. You can check this movie site, it does not have any district restriction.

      • qwerty says:

        …it also has no English language interface, making it utterly useless for “foreigners to find and watch free Chinese movies on internet” with or without subtitles, the alleged reason for this post’s existence. Original assessment stands.

        • peter says:

          Some of us can speak and read Chinese, you know…do not let your own limits be the standard for the rest of the world

  7. download free full movies says:

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  8. Thanks for this list..I hope these sites have apps too so that I can just watch them in my phone..

  9. Moona says:

    Hi. Thank you for this nice list of movie over here. However, I cannot access to any of them. Like, everytime I try to watch a movie, it always say that movie is only accessible on China. How can I watch it, can you show me?

  10. I enjoyed using 56 Movie and Youku Movie.

  11. maheah kadam says:

    How can I am download Chinese moves and links send me

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