Top 6 Beach Destinations in China

When considering beach holidays China probably isn’t the first country which springs to mind, but it’s actually worth noting that it has a lot to offer the intrepid traveller. With over 14,500 kilometres of coastline and many great beach destinations, it certainly should be a contender for anyone planning their next holiday in the sun. We have gathered together some of the best beach destinations in China, along with some hidden gems which are well worth seeking out along the way:

1. Tianya Haijiao 天涯海角

tianyahaijiaoThis is a popular resort located in the southern part of Hainan province. Tianya Haijiao means ‘the furthermost part of the sky and the sea’ and people believe it was named as a romantic way to suggest something which was truly unattainable. It is certainly worth a visit for anyone in the Sanya area who wishes to take in expansive sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views. The other great thing about this beach is that it is rich with history; throughout the centuries many an official who had fallen out of the Emperor’s favour would be banished here due to its distance from Beijing.

2. Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛

IFThis island is located off the coast off the Hainan province within Haitang Bay. Due to its location in a tropical marine zone, the weather is ideal all year round and the sea is even warm enough to swim in during winter months. The island itself has a large number of plant varieties (somewhere in the region of 2,500 different kinds) and the beach is beautiful and sandy. The sea is a gorgeous crystal blue and for the keen scuba diver and snorkelers, there is the chance to see some stunning coral reefs and tropical fish. There are a number of natural attractions on the island which are worth visiting including Sunrise Rock, the Lover’s Bridge and Lover’s Island.

3. Putuoshan Island 普陀山

Putuo MountainThis stunning island derives its name from the mountain which is located here; one of four in China which is held sacred by Buddhists. Because of this a large Buddhist community developed and although it is not as large as it once was, visitors can still come across monks in their traditional robes as they walk the island. Putuoshan Island is the ideal choice for anyone looking to escape to a peaceful and tranquil environment; there are still a number of temples on the island and many places to spend quiet reflection time. If you are looking for the beaches however, be sure to visit the two bays known as ‘the thousand-step sands’ and the ‘hundred-step sands’, both beautiful stretches of sandy beaches with many facilities for tourists.

4. Yalong Bay 亚龙湾

Yalong BayOtherwise known as ‘Asian Dragon Bay’ this is the ideal place to visit if you want to embrace the beach culture. This crescent shaped bay is one of the most scenic spots in the Hainan Province and with protected coral reefs, tropical fish and seemingly endless sandy stretches of beach; it is definitely not one to be missed.

5. Gulangyu Island 鼓浪屿

Xiamen GulangyuThis island is considered one of China’s most scenic areas and can only be accessed by steamship from Xiamen City. Once on the island only electric-powered vehicles are allowed meaning you are really escaping from the noise and pollution of bigger cities. The island is truly enchanting with many attractions for visitors. If you want to experience some of China’s history alongside stunning beaches, interesting architecture and stunning natural beauty spots then this island is well worth a visit. The ideal place to sit back, relax and breathe in some truly clean and fresh air. A hidden gem within China, if you want to escape from the busier tourist areas then make sure you visit Gulangyu Island.

6. Dong’ao Island 东澳岛

dong ao islandDong’ao Island is a beautiful corner of China, located just southeast of Zhuhai. The island has a number of bays which all offer crystal clear blue seas and silvery sandy beaches. Nansha Bay, also known as ‘Diamond Island’ is the most famous of the island’s bays and is popular with those who enjoy surfing, scuba diving and sailing. The island also offers visitors the chance to explore some of China’s history, with a number of attractions including some military buildings.

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  1. Cindy says:

    How far Yalong Bay from Hongkong? I will go to Hongkong this October and I want to go to Yalong Bay… How can I get there?

    • Peter says:

      Yalong Bay is in Sanya City and there is direct flight from Hong Kong to Sanya. The one-way ticket price is CNY1510.00 per person and the tax about CNY319 per person. And you can also take flight from Shenzhen to Sanya, which is much cheaper.

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