Top 10 Most Amazing Islands in China

China has tens of thousands of sea Islands. All these islands and archipelagos offer some spectacular scenery for travelers and offer once-in-a-lifetime experience. The following are the top ten most amazing islands in China.

1. Nansha Islands 南沙群岛

Nansha IslandsNansha Islands are located in the South China Sea with more 200 islands and reefs. Nansha is a fascinating world, with its bright and clear water, lobsters and sea turtles, you will become a captive to its charms.

2. Weizhou Island 涠洲岛

Weizhou IslandLocated in the Gulf of Tonkin. Weizhou Island is the biggest volcanic island in the country. The Island has clean sea water, fresh sea breeze and peaceful Hakkas villages.

3. Xishan Islands 西沙群岛

Xisha IslandXishan Islands lie about 330km southeast of Hainan Province. Xisha’s 45 islets are distributed over an area 250 kilometers long and 150 kilometers wide. The islands are very beautiful; you will be attracted by the clean sea water, continuous coral reefs, various kinds of sea plants and fishes and numerous sea birds.

4. Penghu Islands 澎湖列岛

Penghu IslandsPenghu Islands are an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and the mainland China. The entire archipelago encompasses 64 small islands and the largest archipelago covers an area of 141 square kilometers. The islands feature blue waters, clear skies, soft white beaches and local villages.

5. Nanji Island 南麂岛

Nanji IslandThe Nanji Island lies on the sea near Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The Nanji Island boasts 800 meters wide and 600 meters long beach, which is famous for its clear water and white sand. Here you will find various kinds of marine seashells and Algae.

6. Miaodao Islands 庙岛

Miaodao IslandsMiaodao Islands are located in Penglai County of Shandong Province, China. The islands consist of many small rocks and islets. Due to the long-term erosion, the reefs have developed into different shapes. Among them, the Sisters Reef and Lighthouse Island are very famous.

7. Putuoshan Island 普陀山岛

Putuo IslandPutuoshan Island is one of the larger islands in the Zhoushan Archipelago; it is not far from the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Putuoshan Island is one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Chinese Buddhism. You can walk from one end to the other in an hour but you could also spend days visiting temples here. The island has about 3000 residents and about a third is monks.

8. Dayushan Island 大嵛山岛

Dayushan IslandDayushan Island is situated in the southeast sea off Fuding City, Fujian Province. The island is famous for its green hills, crystal clear lakes, vast grassland and peaceful deep blue sea.

9. Nanding Island 南碇岛

Nanding IslandNanding Island is a coastal volcano island off Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. The iIsland is comprised of more than 1.4 million columnar basalt boulders. Its basalt rock scenery, basalt cones, terraces, cliffs and caves make it a great geological park.

10. Hailing Island

Hailing IslandHailing Island is located near Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. With 310 sunny a year, clear four seasons, pleasant climate, dense vegetation, Hailing Island is an ideal place for vacation. Maweidao Beach in the island is a good place to enjoy sun sand and sea.

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