Top 10 Chinese Folk Songs

Chinese folk song is inspired by everyday life of the Chinese working people and is passed down and elaborated from generation to generation. Folk music features simple language, vivid imagery, and has many genres and forms. Here collected are the top 10 most famous Chines folk songs, enjoy and let me know which one you like best.

1. The Wandering Songstress (天涯歌女)

The Wandering Songstress was one of two theme songs of the 1937 Chinese film Street Angel. It was composed by He Lüting, and lyrics by Tian Han,the melody adpots the Southern China music elements and made the singer Zhou Xuan became red all over China.

2. In That Place Wholly Farway (在那遥远的地方)

In That Place Wholly Farway (在那遥远的地方) is usually considered to be written by the song writer Wang Luobin, inspired by a Kazakh folk song. In 1939, Wang met a Tibetan girl Zhuo Ma in Qinghai Tibetan Lake and after staying together for a few days, the girl impressed Wang deeply, and Wang then wrote this beautiful song.

3. The Crescent Moon Rises (半个月亮爬上来)

This famous song is adopted from folk songs from northwest China. The lyrics are about a suitor who tries  to obtain the attention of a girl in her window. This song was also composed by Wang Luobin.

4. Kangding Love Song (康定情歌)

Kang Ding Love Song is one of the most popular folk love songs from China’s Sichuan province. With simple melody and vivid rhythm, it becomes a household song and many Chinese people can sing it. Its lyrics tell a eternal theme — LOVE.

5. Purple Bamboo Melody (紫竹调)

The Melody of Purple Bamboo is a love song appearing in Suzhou in the 1930s. The song vividly describes heart-to-heart love scene between two young lovers.

6. Meet in Yurt (敖包相会)

Meet in Yurt was adapted from a Inner Mongolian folk song. The song became famous with the 1953 movie “People On Grasslands.”

7. Mo Li Hua (or Jasmine Flower) (茉莉花)

The popular Chinese folk song Mo Li Hua is originated from the 18th century. The song gains popularity both at home and abroad and is often sung in grand concerts . It is often considered representative song of China and known as “China’s second national anthem.”

8. Beside the Butterfly Spring (蝴蝶泉边)

Beside the Butterfly Spring is the theme song of 1959 romantic film The Five Golden Flowers. The song is adapted from folk song of Bai People from Yunnan Province. Its unique melody helped the song gain popularity in the country.

9. The Night of Grassland (草原之夜)

The classic Chinese folk The Night of Grassland was created in 1959. It is a interlude of the document film Green Grassland. This song is often called “Oriental Serenade” and has been designated as a world famous serenade by UNESCO.

10. Why Are the Flowers So Red (花儿为什么这样红)

Why Are the Flowers So Red was an interlude of the 1963 Chinese spy film Visitors on the Icy Mountain. The song has a beautiful melody and tells a beautiful love story, left a deep impression on Chinese youths that time.


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