Top 10 Chinese Beauty CEOs

As an incarnation of both wisdom and beauty, those beautiful CEOs are always full of glamour. Check the following 10 Chinese youngest female CEOs, they are both charming and devastatingly beautiful too.

1. Xi Hui lin

Xi Huilin

Xi Huilin attended university at the age of 14 and became a university teacher at the age of 19. At 21 she started her adventure in Wall Street and her capital quickly rose to $ 10 million, at 27 she founded China’s first large-scale network educational institution – Campus Online Group, and now  she controls $600 million assets at her 30s.

2. Zhang Qiong

Zhang Qiong

She graduated from East China University of Political Science. In 2003 she graduated from Stanford Business School. She is the one of the first batch of securities lawyers since China’s reform and opening up policy. Now she is the CEO of both Asian Business Consulting Group and Pan-Asian Investment Company.

3. Chen XiaoweiChen Xiaowei

At 15 she entered Special Class for Gifted Young at University of Science and Technology of China, then studied at the University of Pittsburgh and got biochemistry Ph.D. there, and human genetics post-doctor of University of California. Now she is the general manager of and responsible for site operation.

4. Diana Chen

Diana Chen

She is the CEO of current world’s tallest building Taipei 101. She is known as the most an elegant and distinguished intellectual women of Taipei.

5. Dong Siyang

Dong Siyang

She studied at a university in Singapore and earned her MBA at an American university. Then she went back to China and built her own business from scratch, which has developed into a multinational company in just three years. She is the Spokesperson for “Business line”, the first beautiful Internet spokesperson from business circle. vice president of ASLA WLSDOM FEMALE UNLON, chairman of Fengbohk Group, CEO of restaurant chain Shakey Food Company.

6. Fu Wenli

Fu Wenli

Fu wenli, CEO of TianDi Ltd, is the most beautiful /diligent/elegant girl among all rich women in China. She studied computer programming at college and later become a computer teacher. Then she worked as a common staff of real estate, step by step she has developed a variety of forms of property in real estate industry and achieved excellent results.

7. Hu Minshan

Hu Minshan

Dubbed as Hong Kong’s “watch queen”, she created a miracle that she sold 1 million watches overnight. Her becoming-rich story is passed as a legend of the watch industry.

8. Da Beini

Da Beini

Once known as the “Taobao Queen”, Da Beini is the first star of China’s online auction platform. She was the founder and CEO of, a video searching engine.

9. Yang Lan

Yang Lan

She is a Chinese businesswoman, talk show hostess and co-owner with her husband Wu Zheng of Sun Television Cyber networks in Shanghai, China.

10. Zhang Jiarong

 Zhang Jiarong

Zhang Jiarong is the general director of Shanghai Oriental Group, which covers the catering entertaining, clothing and media business.

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    Finding a Chinese educated woman free thinker for marriage and I can survive there if she had a home or apartment with my monthly savings from Singapore.

  2. John Pedro petelo Brown says:

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  3. Mazhar Hussain Abbasi says:

    I love China only

  4. Jayesh says:

    Fu Wenli, hi I’m fascinated with such a lady who inspired me, hates off. You’re the flame for women power so that I salute you.

  5. Very inspiring…Woman are more empowered to do things as big as this… I salute them for this…

  6. sean says:

    Xi Hui lin… I am in looooove.

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